Friday, 17 January 2014

Springtime Wishes.

Springtime wishes.

Leigh Jeans- Topshop £38
Triangle Chain Necklace- Topshop £10
Black Platform Sandals- River Island £55
Lilac Winged Handbag- Accesorize £32
Bare Minerals Ready to Go Palette- £39
Casual Seam Detail Tee- Topshop £32

Hey there girlies,

As promised I would come back! Its been what a week? Bare with I'm still trying to get back into the swing of things and deciding what sort of posts to put up, whether they would go down well with readers etc so this one has taken me about 3 days to actually bring myself to publish. Im just so nervous with it all, its ridiculous really but hopefully I will have some more on the way!
I thought I would post some of my springtime wishes, everyone loves spring and I'm hoping this time we will have some beautifully sunny days come our way but still with that little chill in the air for some nice country walks- perf right?

So I'm currently trying to deal with my obsession  of spending money, mainly on clothes and food- I can't help it I'm just born to be fat, haha! So I thought I would do myself a little wish list of what I can save to as from this months payday my card is going to my mum and she is just going to give me weekly money as all I seem to do at the moment is spend spend spend! It makes me happy ok?

I was browsing across the Topshop website, as I usually do like every single day of my life and came across these super cute pale pink leigh jeans. In. Love. They aren't to everyones tastes I'm sure but I used to have some pink jeans from Primark a few years ago and absolutely loved them so I'm so happy that pink is making a comeback this season! I'm not a huge pink wearer however I think if you team it with a soft tee or even a pretty blouse and a statement necklace your onto a winner especially if you want to be on trend but not stand out to much! (like me)
Without really realising as I was finding different items I started to realise it actually came together as a really pretty outfit, properly girly and chic. I found this necklace, again on Topshop which thought would go really nice with the casual tee (another Topshop find, I'm sorry i just love it!) to slightly grunge up the girly jeans and give it a slight edge with the chain and large triangle pendant. Fab for those of you that aren't to girly!
Ive worked at river island for a while now and although Topshop is still where my heart lies I do find some absolutely lovely stuff in there! I can't wait to go in everyday we get a delivery just to see whats new in, these came in about a week ago now and I can't deny at first I was like "what are these?" but pretty quickly I fell in love with them, they are perfect for spring or even an evening on holiday in the summer when your not feeling a full on heel. I absolutely love them and think they would go perfectly with jeans, skirts and dresses, so versatile.
I saw this bag on "This Morning" today on their fashion segment and knew straight away I had to have it, I'm so in love with all the pastel colours this year and although I don't think it will be a bag il use forever its gorgeous and it must be mine!
Lastly there is the Bare Minerals Ready to Go perfect complexion palette, I saw this a few weeks ago in John Lewis when I was buying some new primer and its definitely something I want to invest in on payday, I am a true bare minerals lover but think this is absolutely perfect for on-the-go and not weighing your handbag down with your whole make-up bag! It has foundation, bronzer, concealer, touch up, luminizer and 2 different brushes as well as coming in 6 shades and for £39 you definitely can't go wrong!
So here are 6 of my springtime wishes, I will be back in a day or so hopefully with a few more posts I have a few lined up which I will get typing for you all, let me know what you think!

What is on your Springtime Wish-list?

Lots of Love,


Taylor Cornwell said...

Love the shoes and the bag :)

Lauren H said...

That handbag is just gorgeous! It looks so expensive. I really love the top too :)

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Rebecca said...

its so nice i saw it in store today and had to stop myself from buying it till next payday! glad you like the post xxx