Sunday, 19 January 2014

See you soon!

Hey Sugarplums,

So in just under an hour i will be off and on my way to france to see my wonderful boyfriends family for a week! I hope to be able to post whilst I'm their well at least catch up on all your beautiful blogs and plan a couple for when I'm back. 
Certainly not looking forward to the 12 hour ferry trip however have some lovely stuff planned whilst we are there along with some long (all be it cold) walks with the dogs! Defiantely looking forward to getting away for a bit, life has been beyond stressful recently so I can't wait to relax for a week! Honestly for just a week i don't think I've ever packed so much in my life with about 5 jumpers, 4 pairs of jeans and 3 different leggings along with tops overpacking is a definite understatement! Anyway this is a super quick post just to let you know if i might be a bit MIA this week, that is why! however i will have my iPad with me so hopefully can keep in touch and maybe get involved in some blogger chats over twitter as well! 

Lots of love,
Have a lovely week

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