Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The Perfect Regime for Sensitive Skin.

Hey beauties,
Bit of a beauty post this time rather than fashion I don't really feel hugely confident with doing these as I'm not particularly 'in the know' as it were I don't try lots of different brands etc. But anyway I thought I would do this post as if your unlucky like me and have hideously sensitive/dry skin like me this is absolutely perfect for you!
I never used to bother all that much with my skin, moisturising twice a day was way to much effort and cleansing was just a huge cant be bothered I was all about hideously gloopy foundation and a make up wipe! I think though it started when I saw some pictures of grandparents and my mums great Aunty had the most beautiful skin, she always looked after it and even when she was old had the skin of a 20 year old model, perfect and hardly wrinkled.
So I thought I'd give it a go! As you can see from the pictures my whole cleansing regime is from 'simple' I love there stuff even though it says no fragrance it does have a slight smell, which is lovely and it's super soft.
Every morning I use the facial wash in the shower with my little puff I bought for about £4 in body shop, followed by cleansing wash from clearasil and then cleansing lotion-toner-light moisturiser, everyday without fail. I've become so obsessed my skin is so clear and soft now spots literally make me want to die a bit!
In the evening I just use a face wipe to take off my makeup and then depending how I feel either the night cream or rich moisturiser, these are perfect for putting on at night as they really work with your skin they don't sting and aren't hugely greasy (although when I put to much on & put it on my boyfriends face he begs to differ!)
The main reason for sharing my regime with you is because whilst on holiday in France I actually didn't take all this stuff with me and I had one of the worst allergic Reactions I've ever had and my skin was hideous! I cried- a lot! And as soon as I was home and straight back on it my skin cleared up within 7 days!

One thing I do have to say is the clearasil wash actually stings quite a lot I don't know if that's just me but as I bought it I'm carrying on but I wouldn't particularly recommend! I know this has been a long post but hopefully will help some people and if you go to your local savers store the whole collection is so much cheaper than boots or superdrug! Last thing before I leave you is this absolute godsend of the 'simple spot zapper' everyone needs to invest they are amazing and as soon as you see that horrid red bump put it on over night and it will be gone by the morning- genius!

Hope this helps!
Lots of Love,


Cat @ OutsideBeautyInsideHealth said...

Great post darling. I love love love Simple products! Definitely one of my fav brands xx


Michelle's Blog said...

I use Simple products too, definitely my go to brand! Love the blog x