Sunday, 28 April 2013

Spring Brights.

Blazer- Primark
Jeans- River Island
Shoes- Primark
Necklace- Freedom at Topshop

Hey there lovely girls!
So this week we saw some sun, yay! beyond happy with that although me being an absolute weirdo i was still cold- i feel the cold so bad i keep getting cramp in my hands all the time where there so cold! (sobs)
Anyway, with this beautiful weather looming i got out my beautifully bright coral blazer that i actually bought last summer however all about up-cycling your clothes now girls right?! I was off out to lunch with some friends so wanted something comfortable yet tailored and on trend. I decided to team my blazer with a simple white vest and my blue pinstripe jeans again from last years spring/summer collection at River Island, i love these jeans so simple yet the slight pattern makes them that little bit different. I bought this necklace on my birthday trip to Topshop Oxford Street, I am so in love with statement necklaces' at the moment, chains, flowers, studs you name it i love them. They make even the dullest of outfits better!
So quite a short post today however felt i must share my first summer outfit of the season with you! Im off to write and plan some more blog posts as im off to London tomorrow for some research( for my latest project which i only have two weeks to do! 
Stress Levels.. 99.9%

Speak to you soon,
Lots of Love

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The Perfect Regime for Sensitive Skin.

Hey beauties,
Bit of a beauty post this time rather than fashion I don't really feel hugely confident with doing these as I'm not particularly 'in the know' as it were I don't try lots of different brands etc. But anyway I thought I would do this post as if your unlucky like me and have hideously sensitive/dry skin like me this is absolutely perfect for you!
I never used to bother all that much with my skin, moisturising twice a day was way to much effort and cleansing was just a huge cant be bothered I was all about hideously gloopy foundation and a make up wipe! I think though it started when I saw some pictures of grandparents and my mums great Aunty had the most beautiful skin, she always looked after it and even when she was old had the skin of a 20 year old model, perfect and hardly wrinkled.
So I thought I'd give it a go! As you can see from the pictures my whole cleansing regime is from 'simple' I love there stuff even though it says no fragrance it does have a slight smell, which is lovely and it's super soft.
Every morning I use the facial wash in the shower with my little puff I bought for about £4 in body shop, followed by cleansing wash from clearasil and then cleansing lotion-toner-light moisturiser, everyday without fail. I've become so obsessed my skin is so clear and soft now spots literally make me want to die a bit!
In the evening I just use a face wipe to take off my makeup and then depending how I feel either the night cream or rich moisturiser, these are perfect for putting on at night as they really work with your skin they don't sting and aren't hugely greasy (although when I put to much on & put it on my boyfriends face he begs to differ!)
The main reason for sharing my regime with you is because whilst on holiday in France I actually didn't take all this stuff with me and I had one of the worst allergic Reactions I've ever had and my skin was hideous! I cried- a lot! And as soon as I was home and straight back on it my skin cleared up within 7 days!

One thing I do have to say is the clearasil wash actually stings quite a lot I don't know if that's just me but as I bought it I'm carrying on but I wouldn't particularly recommend! I know this has been a long post but hopefully will help some people and if you go to your local savers store the whole collection is so much cheaper than boots or superdrug! Last thing before I leave you is this absolute godsend of the 'simple spot zapper' everyone needs to invest they are amazing and as soon as you see that horrid red bump put it on over night and it will be gone by the morning- genius!

Hope this helps!
Lots of Love,

Sunday, 14 April 2013

I Love Your Shirt, Wheres It From?

Shirt- H&M
Necklace- A Shop In France
Shoes- Primark
Blazer- Topshop
Jeans- Miss Selfridge

Good Evening you beauties,

Another post that's taken me a while however i actually have quite a few posts in my drafts waiting to be posted so bare with me hunnys! Anyway, here is a little post on my outfit i wore to meet one of my friends from uni the other day on a little shopping trip to Southampton. Like all the weather at the moment it wasn't great but it wasn't raining and i was totally not sure what to wear as a jacket I thought about my leather one but didn't want to wear a coat so settled on this cropped blazer i got a few seasons back in topshop (that i actually forgot i had- like you haven't done that 10000 times!). Overall my outfit is actually really black however gone for the more monochrome look, actually without realising to be honest however i now have a new found love for this gorgeous shirt i found from H&M i think it was either £12.99 or £14.99 however i have posted about it in a previous haul post. But now its as a OOTD! I decided to team it with my black jeans and studded black pumps i bought the other day from Primark for just £5, bargain?! 
I actually love Primark shoes they always seem to be my best ones for pumps and flip flops etc, all the everyday shoes, but mine were starting to wear away so invested in a couple of new pairs!
I had a variety of necklaces to chose from however opted for this cute silver one i bought whilst on holiday with my boyfriends family at their house in France, i actually really want a bold neon coloured one to pop when wearing such a dark outfit but i thought the silver worked quite well as opposed to gold. I am definitely on the hunt for a cute neon one though to fit under the collar! 
Anyway I'm off now to read a new book i bought on my iPad, never thought i would like eBooks but they are so good! 

What do you think of monochrome? Do you like this shirt? 
Lots of Love,


Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Happy Birthday To Me!

Top- Topshop
Shoes- Primark
Watch- Urban Outfitters
Jeans- Topshop
Bag- Zara

Okay guys so its been exactly 2 weeks since i last posted? Disgusting isn't it, however if you follow me on twitter i have been having major blog writers block. Quite frankly its been well stressful wanting to blog so badly but just not knowing what to write about so i took a break so i didn't fill you all with crap and make you really bored and click the unfollow button as opposed to the follow one! 

However this week saw the every anticipated day of my 19th birthday, am i classed as vintage yet?
I had the best day, i went out for lunch with my parents and grandparents later to be told i was going to London the next day! Excited? I think so! Being thoroughly spoilt by all my family we headed to topshop oxford street vouchers in tow to spend more than my limit of money! 
This top is actually the only thing from my topshop trip I'm wearing in this outfit for just £15 it was a massive steal! I have a similar top from a few years back from New Look however its much more tight fitting and as I'm feeling really self conscious at the moment another baggy top made it to my wardrobe to hide a multitude of sins! 
I always like the blue and white stripe with a bold red or more neutral tan which i have done here with the bag i mentioned in my previous "Wish list" post which my lovely grandparents bought for me, love at first site! Although my lovely boyfriend kindly pointed out how much bigger the bag is to myself I love it, my new Mary Poppins bag! Its a mix of leather and suede with a longer strap for when you don't want to hold it always a bonus! My final buy from my London trip was this gorgeous watch from Urban Outfitters, i really wanted a watch for my birthday but as anyone who knows me will know i never wear a watch hence why they wouldn't buy me the £209 one i wanted, fair enough?
I did however find this cutie which i kinda fell in love with, the leather style strap in the dark brown and the cream and gold face works perfect with any outfit so it was a definite must! Also loved it even more when the price tag was £24 and it came up at the till as £12, love my life.

Anyway, i am gonna go and finish watching my new fave programme "Great British Sewing Bee"
I'm back, i have my list of upcoming blog posts at the ready and i will not be having another block anytime soon!

How are you all?
Lots of Love,