Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Whats In My Handbag?

Black Satchel- Zara
Tan Tote- Ebay
Purse- River Island
Notebook- Paper chase

Hello lovely people! 
So i have been seeing a few of these posts on various profiles for a little while now and seeing as this week has been the most boring i have had in a very long time i thought i would do a little post on whats in my handbag as handbags are my ultimate floor almost any handbag can make me go weak at the knees as it were. Some peoples are shoes mines handbags, every type!
So unlike most people with using their everyday handbag, i had to put in 2 because i never have one bag for every day i change it almost everyday without fail but at the moment these are my current 2 faves!
My bag often varies in whats in it but overall these are my staples! The black satchel i bought in the "sale" (probably the only thing that wasn't in the sale) for £50 and it was definitely worth the expense its gone through torrential rain downpours and still in perfect condition even though its suede! I mentioned the other bag in my last post so i wont repeat myself but both these bags are my absolute go-tos there go with absolute any outfit & i fully adore them!
Now onto whats inside!
I always have a notebook on me, always and since a young age I've had a bit of a love for notebooks and stationary- i literally have hundreds! but this is my favourite and newest i bought the other day for about £8 i think it was from paper chase, always the best place to find some adorable stationary and this Japanese inspired book ticks all the right boxes for all my quick notes when out and about!
The other book I'm always keeping in my bag at the moment is "The Little Book of Confidence" by the same author as "Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway" its filled with little quotes to give you a boost when your feeling totally down in the dumps, being so small to if your a bit embarrassed about it you know no-one will really notice it! 
4Head, Hand Cream, Tissues & a Nail file, always an essential for any occasion right? I cant survive without hand cream at the moment, suffering with eczema mainly on my hands I'm constantly using it to stop them getting worse and this one is perfect and just the right size for even a clutch bag. I have to keep a nail file on me all the time seeing as I'm never without my acrylics this is a acrylic specific nail file just in case they chip which isn't very often!(touch wood)
Anyway, this has been a much longer post than i anticipated but its definitely been really fun to do!

What do you think of my bag?
Have you done a post like this?
Leave the links below id love to see all your bags!

Lots of Love,


TheImperfectBeauty said...

Your handbag gorgeous! Can't believe it's eBays finest! I love reading these posts, I'll be doing another one myself soon! xx

Samuel Morris said...

I never leave the house without hand cream either - especially in the Winter months!

My favourite one this year was the Palmers Cocoa butter concentrated one. It's so good!

Samuel Morris said...

Oh and I really want to get the book too, I'm a sucker for quotes!

Louisa Davies said...

that tan tote is amazing, i need a new bag so may have to snoop around ebay!
new follower xxx

Dot (Claire) said...

I really like how you keep 'The Little Book of Confidence' in there, I think I could do with this!
Great post :) xx