Sunday, 10 March 2013

Vintage Darling.

Yesterday saw the first official day of the weekend and one i totally wasn't in the mood for knowing i had to return a pair of jeans i bought a while back in the sale that had completely ripped- beyond disappointment and had to go all the way into town with zero money, being a jobless citizen is starting to prove difficult i potentially couldn't think of anything worse.
However i returned my jeans- not for the price i paid - but they were totally helpful so i cant complain! Anyway whilst wandering the streets of Southampton i was getting flung various leaflets that usually lets me honest no-one reads however i was handed one for a vintage market on the first floor of another shopping centre down the road the 2nd Saturday of every month which happened to be yesterday! So i persuaded my boyfriend to let us go and take a look for if anything a perfect little blog opportunity, and it didn't disappoint.
It was a lot smaller than i expected however it was super cute and i came away with these little beauties from the company "Silvery Somethings" and "Only Fools and Flutterbyes" I got speaking to the lovely ladies that owned the stalls and mentioned about my little space on the Internet and said "oh il definitely feature you on my blog!" as everyone there seemed relatively new to the scene and they had such cute buys there was definitely the perfect opportunity to promote some lovely new businesses! 
The ring here is from "Silvery Somethings" a local business down the road from me that makes hand crafted jewellery and other little buys so i found this statement ring with a huge pearl on the top, totally girlie and perfect for the spring days we are wishing to come. As well as having a huge variety of totally different and unique buys they are also a great price at just £5.50 for this ring here! 
Secondly i stopped by at the "Only Fools and Flutterbyes" Stall rung by a lady who creates again jewellery but jewellery that has a meaning, each piece comes individually wrapped with sayings to relate to anyone in any walk of life. Perfect for a little pick me up and a cute little keepsake when your feeling down! As well as jewellery Amy also creates hand painted stones with meaningful messages, photo frames and other little keepsakes! 

So i thought i would give them both a little shout out and promote them on my little blog so i have posted below the links to both facebook pages where you can find all their various gifts, so go ahead, like the page and browse through all the pictures because there was definitely something for everyone!

Happy Sunday!
Lots of Love,


RosyChicc said...

Aww this ring is so pretty! I love it so much! :))


Chloe said...

Oh I love the ring! It'd be brilliant to dress up an outfit :)

Chloe - Very Lovely Stuff

SmashinBeauty said...

My friend creates hand crafted jewellery and I have to admit I really love hand crafted jewellery it's much more creative and special than the factory made ones :D