Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Tea Dresses and Frilly Socks.

Dress- Topshop
Necklace- Topshop
Boots- Primark

Hello again Belle's,
how are we all? I'm personally absolutely shattered so have to question why I'm even still awake right now as i was actually not going to even put this post up but changed my mind at last minute as overall i quite like the outfit its me that looks horrific. So bare with if maybe this post comes across negative but i hope not!
When writing where everything on my outfit came from actually realised that its a bit of a topshop crazy fiasco on the go however i actually posted about these buys quite a while back and i know its naughty but this was the first time id worn any of it.. (slaps wrists). Waste of my money? maybe. 
However i love love love this necklace and have worn that and the socks a few times along with the boots that I've had a while and actually wear most of the time! So really its just the dress i haven't worn. I don't really have a proper excuse for this although i do actually feel slightly uncomfortable in this dress and super fat. But that is beyond the point as it does live up to everything about topshop, well made clothes and super soft fabric- its a lovely dress don't get me wrong i just think i don't feel comfortable in myself at the moment so maybe when I've lost some weight and done some exercise il feel a bit better about it and wear it more comfortably as overall i actually really like the dress.
But i have to say my favourite part of this outfit is actually my necklace, its so gorgeous and such a rocky statement to a relatively girlie dress(minus the winter colour). The necklace is quite heavy however when you get it to not get tangled which i am definitely the queen of doing! It lays perfectly and looks fab with a jumper or a blouse for day and for night. 
Preferably i would have worn this with my leather jacket for the rock chic edge but due to the absolute freezing temperatures that have been thrown at us this week yesterday it was SO windy i had to team if with a chunky knit cardi and my fur coat to keep extra warm.
Overall though, i would definitely recommend I'm just not sure its for me!

What do you guys think?
Have any of you got this dress?
Comment below!

Lots of Love,


Charlotte Lewis said...

I want this triangle necklace - looks fab!

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Thanks! Charlie xx | UK Fashion Blog

Raspberrykiss said...

You look lovely. Really like the dress xo