Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Print & Pattern.

Bonjour Belle's,

How weird is this I’m writing this post from a boat in the middle of the ocean? Strange right? Well maybe not but it is for me and I’m excited over it!
Anyway it’s a relatively quick post, I’m hoping to be able to blog this week however I’m actually on my way to France to see my boyfriends family. Beyond excited as I absolutely love them although last week you know we had that little sprinkling of snow everyone moaned about? (Including me) they had 3 foot of it so this could be slightly interesting however still excited to see them all again!
Now onto the clothes, we went on a little shopping trip yesterday to buy some warm clothes to take with us; clearly as you can see from the pictures I totally stuck to this? I’m laughing at myself! Anyway I bought this super cute shirt from H&M I saw it the other day but they didn’t have my size so was really pleased when they had one left when I went in yesterday and had to snap it up straight away! For just 12.99 you literally cant go wrong, I’m loving the hint towards monoprint on it and its made of a super soft chiffon style material making it really flattering to wear! I can’t wait to put an outfit together with this! Leggings, don’t really need to say anything about that, all girls know these are an essential to any wardrobe. End of.
Hmm, this top I cant decide whether this is a controversial one or not but I’ve seen it in Primark for a while now its not particularly something I usually go for however I just am really drawn to it. I think its because its quite grungy with the army print however the dark detailing of the jewels on the shoulder give it that cute feminine edge another really cheap find at just £6 and now on my tight budget of well nothing as I’m jobless you cant go wrong. I love it! I also bought this cross necklace another Primark find at just £2 I’ve seen a few in topshop and various other places for a much more expensive price but the chances of me wearing it often enough to actually condone the price isn’t worth it so a Primarni buy was much more appropriate although obviously not as well made!

I am really pleased with these finds though and cant wait to wear them with jeans and a leather jacket maybe even some disco pants or wet look legging and some biker boots.
What do you think of my latest buys?
Have you found any bargains recently?
Let me know!

Lots of Love,


Raspberrykiss said...

Love the cross necklace! xo

Jordan Hathaway said...

I really like the necklace! x

MirrorOnThe Wall said...

I absolutely love the camoflauge tee, I don't usually go for those kinds of colours either but with the shoulder detailing this really works.
Hope you had/are having an awesome time in France!
Mel x


Chantal Dawn Blows said...

Your blog is lovely! I have followed you!