Saturday, 2 March 2013

Oh So Curly.

Jumper- Zara
Super Soft Leigh Ankle Grazers- Topshop
Ballet Pumps- Primark
Necklace- Vintage
Bag- Ebay

How are we all on this rather dull Saturday evening? I don't know about you but I'm absolutely shattered and after this i think I'm gonna be really boring and go to bed! 
However today i spent a lovely day with my boyfriend just together, being cute on a little day trip doing odd jobs etc. So as its my first proper weekend as a non working citizen i thought i would treat myself and dress up a little bit more and make the effort with myself. Surprisingly it felt really good and i even got some lovely compliments from my boyfy! Which was really nice. I've finally handed in my first weave project so as a treat now I'm not getting regular money i got my nails redone as well as buying some new dark wash jeans from topshop! Ive had and still got infact a few pairs of jeans from topshop and i have to say i just cannot fault them. As my lovely followers probably know by now that jeans are my absolute staple item and as everybody knows i think everyone has that one shop for jeans that just works for them and mine is most definitely Topshop, which is for everything-oops.
However i have been after some dark wash jeans for a while as all i seem to wear at the moment is black ones and these are just the perfect fit! Like the name says they are SO soft they are more like leggings really being so soft but they are seriously comfortable, wearable and durable as well as obviously looking great. The colour is perfect the mix between dark and black which is kinda strange but really works with the usual button fastening of a jean. The jumper I'm wearing here is the other purchase i bought in Paris and have been yet to share with you all, at a fabulous £16.95 i don't think you can go wrong really. Personally i always wear vests under my jumpers as layers however this jumper is just the right thickness for spring to which makes it even better! although you cant actually see it in this picture it does actually zip up at the back with a not so obvious dip hem to it which makes it slightly different to usual "boring" jumpers as it were however for me no jumper is boring! 
I teamed it simply with some black suede ballet pumps and the vintage chain necklace I've mentioned a few times before that i am literally living in at the moment! Just to give it that extra little touch.
Now the bag, I may have mentioned before now but I'm not exactly sure that I am fully in love with Mulberry bags, literally i must have one before i die or i haven't achieved anything so when i saw this lovely bag in one of Becky's posts on "milkbubbletea" i knew i had to have it! Who would believe it was just 17.95? Not me! It comes in a selection of colours however i knew tan was for me, you would think it would look really tacky being such a cheap price however its such good quality and has a lovely little lining to! 
Unfortunately i don't have the link anymore as i bought it a while back however if you follow milkbubbletea its on there! Lastly however i curled my hair today something i haven't done for a really long time and i simply did it with my ghds to anyone who was interested as i was actually really pleased with how it turned out!

I would also just like to add a hugeeeeee thank you to you all for helping me to now reach 100 followers! It is literally the best feeling and i cant explain how happy I am! It means the world to me so thank you so much! 

What do you think of my outfit?
Where is your staple jean shop?

Lots of Love,


sinead petworth said...

have Nominated you in the Liebster Blog awards. Check out my post for the rules and to get the questions

Rebecca said...

Aw thank you so much!!! Xxxx