Monday, 4 March 2013

Birthday Wishes

Birthday Wishes

Good Evening Glamours,

Today i spent my day attending uni for around 2 hours and then going home to sleep and be bored, the life of a fashion student, right?

I figured now as its about 25/26 days until my birthday i would do a cheeky wish list set courtesy of "Polyvore" one of my very lovely friends introduced me to! I haven't really taken a look at it properly before but i thought on this chilly but sunny afternoon i would take a look around and post my favourite things i would like for my birthday along with making a overall outfit at the same time!
Ive chosen a selection of things from my favourite shops Topshop(of course), River Island and Zara. If you follow me on polyvore or use it i think you can click on the above image to get to my page which has all the prices on!
My favourites on this page are the Bucket Bag with Buckles from Zara, coming in at £59.99 i think its absolutely gorgeous as some of you know bags are my weakness so this is definitely top of my list! I am also fully lusting over this contrast print tee from Topshop at a typical price of £32 I'm loving it, I'm usually not one for in your face prints however i saw this in the shop the other day and its not as bold as it looks, the colours are still pretty and stand out but not the top you see from miles away on someone on the high street in town! Definite investment needs to be made there, finally the shoes. Oh my goodness the shoes, aren't they just the cutest thing? simple black ballet pumps with a slight heel covered in small studs, totally on trend and perfect with the other garments on my set.
I will definitely be wearing this top with a big statement necklace and leather jacket to punk it up a bit but i think you could definitely dress it down with some jeans and a cute ring like the bow one at the top.

What do you think of my first polyvore set?
Do any of you use polyvore?
Comment below!

I'm off to do some research on one of my fave designers Oscar De La Renta now for my latest project,
Toodles beauties!

Lots of Love,


KylieR said...

Ahhh I love the Topshop shirt, looks so cute ;)

Rebecca said...

Thankyou hehe it's gorgeous! Xxx

Anonymous said...

Hey lovely ive nominated you for the Liebster award check out my Blog for more information about it!