Monday, 4 February 2013

Topshop Haul.

Bonjour beautiful bloggers,

So i think yesterday i mentioned my shopping trip yesterday? i cant actually remember but i thought i would give you all a little post on my buys! i only went to the local shopping centre, nowhere fancy at all however i fell in love-with everything. I couldn't help it, I'm alllwayyysss a true topshop girl however sometimes i doesn't always do it for me but yesterday it broke my bank! Obviously the trainers at the bottom aren't topshop however i had to add them in! Anyway onto the clothes, so i bought this adorable little t-shirt dress for i think it was about £24? I've actually been looking at it for quite a while however not brought myself to buy it as I'm feeling super self-conscious at the moment (still yet to do something to change that though aren't i!) I bit the bullet though and invested, i thought it would look adorable with this cute frilly socks. I already had 1 pair and recently have bought a variety of adorable socks- if you follow my instagram your see a few! but with this dress some black tights a cardigan/blazer and some cute shoes it was definitely a must have! 
Also fell for this absolutely gorge necklace, another topshop buy and i haven't actually been one to purchase any statement necklaces but i thought it was time to give it a go as they are so on trend and little did i know this beauty popped up! I think this would also suit this dress give a bit of rock chic to a somewhat girlie outfit or with a shirt/blouse and i am SO excited to wear it. So much so I actually bought 2 more statement necklaces from a vintage stall at my university today- i will definitely put up a post to show you them! 
Finally, i did it- i know I'm almost as ashamed as you are guys. I am on the blazer bandwagon, i couldn't help it my favourite colour in the nicest trainer i have seen to date i bought the dreaded Nike blazer and you know what i may even buy another pair this weekend! 
Say no more, its embarrassing but i love them.

What do you guys think of my mini topshop spree? 
Have you found any amazing buys in there recently?

Lots of Love,

P.S Its my birthday in just 52 days i think it is now, can you guys get me to 100 followers by then for the best present ever?!
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jemmalouise said...

yeyyy for frilly socks! x