Sunday, 17 February 2013

The Fabric Lab.

Bonjour fellow bloggers!
As you know i have been away for the past week in paris so as i am now home i thought i would do a quick post about my first woven textile design project at uni as i definatelly have project on the brain now as i am totally behind (sob), dont you just hate it when you feel behind yet dont know where to start to bring it back? WORST FEELING. 
Anyway here is my first project, I've learnt how to thread a loom & make a warp and 12 hours later i ended up with the last picture! my first sample for this project. My project is all about science, a subject not particularly close to my heart so i tried to chose what i thought was the most interesting sub-subject within the overall science tree which was space and galaxies. Who knew space was so beautiful? 
In this weave i chose to do a very simple one with just black and white however the plan was for it to look like a gradient in colour however it does look like more blocks of colour but i think when i add some colour and sparkle to it it will definately pop!
Whilst in paris we found this absolutely amazing shop with some beautiful ribbons and things which i purchased and shall be weaving with tomorrow so be sure to look out for it soon as i have some big ideas for my weaves, i have to do minimum of 8! Doesnt sound alot but when this alone took me 3 hours, it is a while!

What do you think?
Do you know anyone that is a weaver?

Lots of Love

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