Sunday, 10 February 2013

Outfits. Outfits. Outfits.

Coat- Topshop
Jumper- Zara
Jeans- Miss Selfridge
Necklace- Vintage

So as i mentioned in a previous post (7 days to go.) i am off to paris TUESDAY! I cant quite explain how scared i am but as i went away with my boyfriend this weekend to see Rita Ora- who was absolutely a-ma-zing (i will do a post on that to!) more than enough of an excuse to go shopping in a different place, right?
If any of you have my instagram you will see that Tom didn't think it was quite as much fun as i did to go shopping! However i couldn't be more excited to find these absolutely gorgeous buys. I must confess this is actually the fourth coat i have bought this A/W- disgraceful i know, but there have been so many to die for ones!! I couldn't help myself and bought this gorgeous parka with leather detail from Topshop today for just £60, bargain if you ask me! I also found this absolutely fab jumper from Zara for just £15.99, i love it its so cute and has gorgeous detailing on the back which i really should have pictured however i will show you when i actually wear it as this is going in my case! But basically it scoops at the back so looks like it has a huge hole in it however works SO well, really chic touch. The jeans are a Miss Selfridge buy, not somewhere i hardly ever go anymore i don't know about you guys but always feel that the clothes are to small for like.. life? In every single way, however as Topshop was shut for refurbishment (crys) i headed there instead and found these lovely super soft skinny jeans in black which actually are much more like jeggings as opposed to jeans however they are so comfortable they were a huge must.
I literally cant contain my excitement to wear this outfit perfect with layers as I'm not completely sure how the weather is going to turn out this week. It sounds pathetic as I'm actually only going for 4 days but as i haven't particularly made many friends whilst being at uni my nerves and anxiety are sky high right now. 
I almost forgot this super cute necklace i mentioned the other day that i purchased from a vintage stall that was set up at my uni, its so cute and already has had a serious amount of wear from it! I've wanted a chain necklace for ages and this is actually quite high for me i tend to go for longer necklaces but it works so well and is so versatile from a shirt to a jumper- perf.

what do you think of these buys?
what have you bought recently?

Lots of Love,


Sophie said...

the necklace on the jumper looks so good! xxx

Rebecca said...

Thankyou hunny!!:) xxxx

Kirsty Blogling said...

I love this outfit! Have fun in Paris x