Friday, 22 February 2013

Only In Paris.

Bonjour Glamours!
I am now back from the European Fashion Capital, actually I've been back a week now- don't judge me it just so happens that i caught another virus whilst i was out there so on doctors orders been resting, aka sleeping!
As promised i am doing a post on all my antics on french soil for 4 days, i don't really know where to start it was something i thought was gonna be really easy writing this post but strangely its not? It wasn't a particularly educational trip however as you can see from the above photos i made some absolutely lovely new friends which makes me super excited, we sort of fell together as a group of 10 which we definitely all found comfort in seeing as after an hour 2 girls got mugged- scared is an understatement!
However we had so much fun, i went up the Eiffel tower definitely found out I'm slightly scared of heights! Louis Vuitton was quite incredible with some of the most gorgeous handbags and of course Museè Les Arts Decrotifs didn't disappoint either!
Of course being a group of fashion students we went to the Champs Elysee where of course Zara made my day and my purse €56 lighter(il do a post on what i bought in the next few days!) 
However the best part of the trip was definitely the yarn shops we attended, after finding a new found love for textiles and affinity for weave design they were honestly something quite incredible I'm not really a harry potter fan but for those of you that are picture the wand shop in the film but swap the wands for yarns- ah-may-zing!
Definitely going there when i have to do my FMP in my 3rd year! However we weren't allowed to take pictures in the store otherwise naturally i would have for you!
However i did have a amazing time with some amazing girls and hopefully long life friends it is really good to be home!

Have you guys been to these shops in Paris?
Do you know of any yarn shops in the UK?

Lots of Love,

PS, A HUGE thank you to Chloe for nominating me for another liebster award, i feel so privileged to already be nominated for 3 awards! as I've done quite a couple I'm not gonna bore you with more but just so you know that I'm so grateful and thank you to all my lovely followers- your amazing!

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