Tuesday, 5 February 2013

7 Days To Go.

It is exactly 7 days to go until I will be in Paris, a week today and i will be in Les Arts Decoratif. So many mixed emotions i can hardly describe however i should most definately be doing my coursework right now so shame on me which means this will be a super quick post. 
I thought though that i would show you the start of my travel items, i cant decide whether to be super excited or whether absolutely petrified- i think I'm both. Anyway i bought these adorable mini versions of all my favourite everyday items, i got all these from the little travel section in Boots i was literally so excited i mean who doesnt like anything 3x smaller than the usual size? Seeing as i have to carry all my bags on the train not just on the luggage hodall thing of a plane i need to make sure its as light as possible. Really all this stuff is easy, its the clothes that are my downfall and as i am going away this weekend to see Rita Ora(way to excited) as well as planning a shopping trip im making my life so much harder! 
Anyway off to do my coursework now, my first project is about science- i didnt like science at school what makes it better at uni? However needs must and i will make some amazing weaves from it!

What do you think of all the mini products in beauty stores these days?
Whats your saviour?

Lots of Love,


Georgia said...

I'm going to Paris too soon! On the 17th :) xxx

Emma Delfosse said...

Have a fantastic trip!!