Thursday, 28 February 2013

Check Mate.

Shirt- Zara
Leggings- Topshop
Snood- River Island
Converse- Unknown

Bonjour Sugars! 
So if any of you follow me on instagram your know that this post was supposed to be up a few days ago, so i do apologise but ive been super manic trying to finish off my project for my critical review today which im actually really happy with as it went great- be proud of me guys!
Anyway this little post is kinda cross fashion & beauty i guess as theres cheeky selfie picture of me at the top TOTALLY unlike me so definately being brave here. But i thought that my makeup looked quite nice and super natural to compliment my laidback uni look for the day!
I know that the images arent the greatest with me taking them on my phone but my camera ran out of battery & i really liked my outfit (sob)
However onto the outfit, this top is one of the little buys i purchased in Paris from Zara, i know not exactly adventurous but i fell in love. Its one of the softest garments i have such a nice cut and shape it hides a multitude of sins! Perfect for me having a major fat time at the moment. I teamed it with leggings and converse, i know i put unknown for where they are from thats because they were a birthday present last year but you can buy converse in any shoe retailer basically & i expect they were from either Schuh or Office! Ive actually hardly worn these converse since ive had them i wasnt to sure on them but i definately have found a new found love, they are SO comfortable but not exactly the warmest for these super chilly days! This is one of my favourite looks at the moment and perfect for long uni days, obviously you can make this smarter with a pair of trousers or some dark wash jeans as its such a versatile piece and ive had a few checked shirts in my time.

What do you think of the checked shirt look?
Do you have them?
Let me know!

Lots of Love,

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Burgundy & Tweed.

Jacket- H&M
Top- Topshop
Jeans- Miss Selfridge
Shoes- Next
Necklace- Accesorize
Bag- Primark

So this is my first outfit post for a little while now, i really do need to make my pictures much better- I'm working on it promise!
However today i opted for quite a simple outfit with jeans and a lace top ive had for a couple of seasons now from the wonderful topshop it goes with so much and is perfect with dark or light jeans totally versatile. Im actually wearing black jeans here which i mentioned in a previous post that i literally lived in whilst in paris they are honestly the most comfortable jeans ive ever worn more like leggings but definately my new fave! Although being still winter i had to wear a couple of layers so paired it with this tweed jacket i got from H&M last A/W that i had actually completely forgot about- bad really as i literally lived in it last year! Teaming it with my burgundy ballet shoes to bring out the colours in my blazer.
Of course a cute necklace doesnt go a miss i did try a couple of short ones however i pinched this one from my mums collection as thought it went quite nicely! (i actually bought this necklace so surely thats joint ownership, right?)
My mum surprised me with this cute navy bucket bag yesterday which i thought id give a try! Definately my new uni bag as it seems to go on forever and is very sturdy i will definately getting my use out of it!

What do you think of todays outfit?
Do you dress up on a sunday or just rock leggings and a hoody?

Lots of Love,

Friday, 22 February 2013

Only In Paris.

Bonjour Glamours!
I am now back from the European Fashion Capital, actually I've been back a week now- don't judge me it just so happens that i caught another virus whilst i was out there so on doctors orders been resting, aka sleeping!
As promised i am doing a post on all my antics on french soil for 4 days, i don't really know where to start it was something i thought was gonna be really easy writing this post but strangely its not? It wasn't a particularly educational trip however as you can see from the above photos i made some absolutely lovely new friends which makes me super excited, we sort of fell together as a group of 10 which we definitely all found comfort in seeing as after an hour 2 girls got mugged- scared is an understatement!
However we had so much fun, i went up the Eiffel tower definitely found out I'm slightly scared of heights! Louis Vuitton was quite incredible with some of the most gorgeous handbags and of course Museè Les Arts Decrotifs didn't disappoint either!
Of course being a group of fashion students we went to the Champs Elysee where of course Zara made my day and my purse €56 lighter(il do a post on what i bought in the next few days!) 
However the best part of the trip was definitely the yarn shops we attended, after finding a new found love for textiles and affinity for weave design they were honestly something quite incredible I'm not really a harry potter fan but for those of you that are picture the wand shop in the film but swap the wands for yarns- ah-may-zing!
Definitely going there when i have to do my FMP in my 3rd year! However we weren't allowed to take pictures in the store otherwise naturally i would have for you!
However i did have a amazing time with some amazing girls and hopefully long life friends it is really good to be home!

Have you guys been to these shops in Paris?
Do you know of any yarn shops in the UK?

Lots of Love,

PS, A HUGE thank you to Chloe for nominating me for another liebster award, i feel so privileged to already be nominated for 3 awards! as I've done quite a couple I'm not gonna bore you with more but just so you know that I'm so grateful and thank you to all my lovely followers- your amazing!

Sunday, 17 February 2013

The Fabric Lab.

Bonjour fellow bloggers!
As you know i have been away for the past week in paris so as i am now home i thought i would do a quick post about my first woven textile design project at uni as i definatelly have project on the brain now as i am totally behind (sob), dont you just hate it when you feel behind yet dont know where to start to bring it back? WORST FEELING. 
Anyway here is my first project, I've learnt how to thread a loom & make a warp and 12 hours later i ended up with the last picture! my first sample for this project. My project is all about science, a subject not particularly close to my heart so i tried to chose what i thought was the most interesting sub-subject within the overall science tree which was space and galaxies. Who knew space was so beautiful? 
In this weave i chose to do a very simple one with just black and white however the plan was for it to look like a gradient in colour however it does look like more blocks of colour but i think when i add some colour and sparkle to it it will definately pop!
Whilst in paris we found this absolutely amazing shop with some beautiful ribbons and things which i purchased and shall be weaving with tomorrow so be sure to look out for it soon as i have some big ideas for my weaves, i have to do minimum of 8! Doesnt sound alot but when this alone took me 3 hours, it is a while!

What do you think?
Do you know anyone that is a weaver?

Lots of Love

Monday, 11 February 2013

Palms To The Skyyy.

Leather Jacket- Topshop
Jeans- Zara
Blouse- Primark
Pumps- New Look

This weekend saw me and my boyfy take a trip down to bournemouth courtersy of mum and dad (it was a joint christmas present!) to see the absolutely amazing Rita Ora. 
I dont really need to tell you anything otehr than the fact shes the most beautiful women literally ever with the most insane voice! anyone who has tickets will have the most fab time! The support act was someone called Iggy Azalea, words cant describe her, shes a Australlian rap and my goodness can she rap! I have never heard someone a lady especially rap so fast in my whole entire life! She was incredible. But anyway i thought i would take the oppurtuinty to make a little post on my lovely weekend as it was also a little miletsone in mine and toms relationship as it was also our 18 months that we had been together! this excites me even if it makes others sick and we actually had one of the best weekends we have had together i think! I had the most fun and so many laughs i thought i would mix it in with a little outfit post to! (kinda)
We stayed at the premier inn in the centre of bournemouth and was one of the nicest hotel rooms ive been in! It was done out so nicely as you can see above and everyone was so friendly and helpful i definately recommend a visit! 
Anyway onto the outfit, i opted for jeans something i dont usually wear when going to a gig or whatever you want to call it as i often worry i will get to hot but as i have been to quite a few now i know that its not actually to bad and i wore my leather jacket to! I thought i couldnt go the whole way and wear an all black outfit so i bought this really cute and floaty blouse from Primark for just £6! Very last minute but its so nice im so glad i found it as i love cute blouses like this and its so comfy. the bow detailing and it also has slight frills on the sleeves- perfect dressed up or down!
I then decided to team it with some pumps with gold chain detailing on the front as they are my most comfortable shoes and comfy shoes are a must! 

What do you think of my outfit?
Have you seen Rita Ora live?

Lots of Love,

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Outfits. Outfits. Outfits.

Coat- Topshop
Jumper- Zara
Jeans- Miss Selfridge
Necklace- Vintage

So as i mentioned in a previous post (7 days to go.) i am off to paris TUESDAY! I cant quite explain how scared i am but as i went away with my boyfriend this weekend to see Rita Ora- who was absolutely a-ma-zing (i will do a post on that to!) more than enough of an excuse to go shopping in a different place, right?
If any of you have my instagram you will see that Tom didn't think it was quite as much fun as i did to go shopping! However i couldn't be more excited to find these absolutely gorgeous buys. I must confess this is actually the fourth coat i have bought this A/W- disgraceful i know, but there have been so many to die for ones!! I couldn't help myself and bought this gorgeous parka with leather detail from Topshop today for just £60, bargain if you ask me! I also found this absolutely fab jumper from Zara for just £15.99, i love it its so cute and has gorgeous detailing on the back which i really should have pictured however i will show you when i actually wear it as this is going in my case! But basically it scoops at the back so looks like it has a huge hole in it however works SO well, really chic touch. The jeans are a Miss Selfridge buy, not somewhere i hardly ever go anymore i don't know about you guys but always feel that the clothes are to small for like.. life? In every single way, however as Topshop was shut for refurbishment (crys) i headed there instead and found these lovely super soft skinny jeans in black which actually are much more like jeggings as opposed to jeans however they are so comfortable they were a huge must.
I literally cant contain my excitement to wear this outfit perfect with layers as I'm not completely sure how the weather is going to turn out this week. It sounds pathetic as I'm actually only going for 4 days but as i haven't particularly made many friends whilst being at uni my nerves and anxiety are sky high right now. 
I almost forgot this super cute necklace i mentioned the other day that i purchased from a vintage stall that was set up at my uni, its so cute and already has had a serious amount of wear from it! I've wanted a chain necklace for ages and this is actually quite high for me i tend to go for longer necklaces but it works so well and is so versatile from a shirt to a jumper- perf.

what do you think of these buys?
what have you bought recently?

Lots of Love,

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Feel The Fear, and Do It Anyway

So maybe some would say this a bit more of an intense post as opposed to my usual ones but for the lovely bloggers that have followed me from the start and in fairness I have no clue who you guys are, what lives you lead or what everyday struggles you go through. However I love you all none the less as it makes me so happy to know that people care basically or are interested in what I'm talking about. I thought though I would do a slightly different post to usual as although I'm well away that people read what I write part of me likes to think no one reads it at all an actually this is just my own diary that no one really cares about!
Anyway I've struggled with depression for about 3 years now and I completely realise I am not the only one which struggles with it as actually statistics show that most people actually have it and deal with it. I've never really been one to talk of it not with friends or even my boyfriend which I think he definitely struggles with because I've never felt the need to burden anyone with it because people have much worse life's than me so how dare I struggle with life when most people would be like well what have you got to be sad about? It makes me feel really selfish and like a bad person.
I ask myself a lot why me, it's the weirdest thing but something you literally cannot control and I fully hate it, and throughout the years I go up and down- happy, sad happy, happy, sad- it's gross honestly but something I have no control over and can never understand why I'm sad ever literally ever I couldn't tell you but the overwhelming fear of life and not wanting to get up in the morning basic things just petrify me. So I decided I've decided enough is enough, I don't wanna be on tablets for the rest of my life so I'm gonna try my best to do something about it, I'm actually very good at hiding it but the closest people to me def realise when it's a bad day but anyway my mum bought me this book.. Feel the fear, and do it anyway I admit I'm only on chapter 2 but it's literally helped so much already it makes you realise general things in life that you never notice.
There's this thing called the 'when/then game' that's what the lady calls it, so for example she says 'when I feel better about myself..then il do it' -story of my life, I literally live life like this il put anything off that scares me. This right now is quite terrifying as I don't know what sort of reaction il get but just wanted to put it out there so hopefully if anyone else goes through the same thing that I feel everyday. Do share it, honestly it helps and this book looks like it could be a god send for me- I've put off reading it for about 2 weeks now but nows the time to change. I don't wish to sound like a weirdo and i appreciate the length of this post but if i can help anyone to not feel how i have felt everyday for 3 years, that makes me one happy girl. It doesn't make you a bad person either people should remember that

Can't be afraid of life forever, right?
Have you ever felt this way or read this book?
Let me know I'd love to here from you :)

Lots of Love,

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

7 Days To Go.

It is exactly 7 days to go until I will be in Paris, a week today and i will be in Les Arts Decoratif. So many mixed emotions i can hardly describe however i should most definately be doing my coursework right now so shame on me which means this will be a super quick post. 
I thought though that i would show you the start of my travel items, i cant decide whether to be super excited or whether absolutely petrified- i think I'm both. Anyway i bought these adorable mini versions of all my favourite everyday items, i got all these from the little travel section in Boots i was literally so excited i mean who doesnt like anything 3x smaller than the usual size? Seeing as i have to carry all my bags on the train not just on the luggage hodall thing of a plane i need to make sure its as light as possible. Really all this stuff is easy, its the clothes that are my downfall and as i am going away this weekend to see Rita Ora(way to excited) as well as planning a shopping trip im making my life so much harder! 
Anyway off to do my coursework now, my first project is about science- i didnt like science at school what makes it better at uni? However needs must and i will make some amazing weaves from it!

What do you think of all the mini products in beauty stores these days?
Whats your saviour?

Lots of Love,

Monday, 4 February 2013

Topshop Haul.

Bonjour beautiful bloggers,

So i think yesterday i mentioned my shopping trip yesterday? i cant actually remember but i thought i would give you all a little post on my buys! i only went to the local shopping centre, nowhere fancy at all however i fell in love-with everything. I couldn't help it, I'm alllwayyysss a true topshop girl however sometimes i doesn't always do it for me but yesterday it broke my bank! Obviously the trainers at the bottom aren't topshop however i had to add them in! Anyway onto the clothes, so i bought this adorable little t-shirt dress for i think it was about £24? I've actually been looking at it for quite a while however not brought myself to buy it as I'm feeling super self-conscious at the moment (still yet to do something to change that though aren't i!) I bit the bullet though and invested, i thought it would look adorable with this cute frilly socks. I already had 1 pair and recently have bought a variety of adorable socks- if you follow my instagram your see a few! but with this dress some black tights a cardigan/blazer and some cute shoes it was definitely a must have! 
Also fell for this absolutely gorge necklace, another topshop buy and i haven't actually been one to purchase any statement necklaces but i thought it was time to give it a go as they are so on trend and little did i know this beauty popped up! I think this would also suit this dress give a bit of rock chic to a somewhat girlie outfit or with a shirt/blouse and i am SO excited to wear it. So much so I actually bought 2 more statement necklaces from a vintage stall at my university today- i will definitely put up a post to show you them! 
Finally, i did it- i know I'm almost as ashamed as you are guys. I am on the blazer bandwagon, i couldn't help it my favourite colour in the nicest trainer i have seen to date i bought the dreaded Nike blazer and you know what i may even buy another pair this weekend! 
Say no more, its embarrassing but i love them.

What do you guys think of my mini topshop spree? 
Have you found any amazing buys in there recently?

Lots of Love,

P.S Its my birthday in just 52 days i think it is now, can you guys get me to 100 followers by then for the best present ever?!
Spread the word!

Sunday, 3 February 2013

That Scarf.

Boots- Primark
Top- Primark
Scarf- Ebay
Leggings- Topshop

So I very much appreciate the fact these aren't the greatest images you've ever seen in your life, and I'm far from being the winner of Britain's Next Top Model. However give me the benefit of the doubt that this even happened at all! Anyway, today this super cold and depressing Sunday i spent my day taking my poorly car to the garage and taking a cheeky shopping trip with my boyfy! Long story short my car is still not fixed and i spent way to much money (#sorrynotsorry) but whatever here is what i wore today. I opted for leggings as its a Sunday, who wears uncomfy stuff on a Sunday? with one of my favourite tops i recently purchased from primark, its so cute and comfy i love it as well as hiding a multitude of sins i.e fat! its totally fab and suitable for any occasion as i have worn it for a evening out or a Sunday funday! 
Ive wanted some Chelsea boots for ages, i love the topshop ones at a delicious £65- not, i just couldn't bring myself to spend it so i was well excited to see these adorable Primark ones for just £15! Perfect for the A/W season especially if i decide i don't like them next year i haven't wasted any money as i am most definitely getting my wear from them! I then thought i should add that extra bit of style and warmth with this scarf i received in the post this week that i bought on eBay, on a December trip to London i saw a burberry one i fell in love with but for a hefty £400 or something ridiculous my heart melted slightly when i realised it was never gonna be mine. So when i was trying to get to grips with eBay this week and find some new buys i snapped this beauty up straight away for just £8.99 from a Edinburgh company made from 100% lambswool it is literally amazing and i am so happy with it! Especially after being in bed with flu all week and thinking i was on my last legs it definitely brightened my week. However next on my list is most definitely a tartan one. It will be mine.

What do you think of my outfit post? 
Have you guys found any fab buys on eBay?

Lots of Love,