Thursday, 24 January 2013

Spring/Summer 2013.

So on one of the last blogger chats I posted a tweet asking people if they would like me to do a Spring/Summer 2013 Trend post, and surprisingly a lot of people replied and they all said yes! So here it is on this very chilly Thursday afternoon, ive just taken my red velvet cupcakes out the oven so thought I would sit down here and do a post whilst I wait for them to cool & be iced!
There are a lot of trends for the coming S/S season and surprisingly all very different so il will post to you my very favourites and some that are also quite different and I know some of you daring bloggers out there will definitely rock some of these, however for me I think I will go a bit more subtle!

Minimalism & White: 

If there is any trend i love its always the minimalist and the whites. My fave, plain simple and the fact that you dont espeically get noticed in it is also a huge bonus for me! On the high-street this season Zara is using it the most throughout their collection however Topshop also have a slight hint of it in some of their pieces to. White is also a big one making just plain origami styled whites or embroidered girl on the praire, romantic style whites. The catwalk sees Jill Sander using minimalism the most whereas Valentino and Mrs McCartney are using the pretty whites.


Another super cute trend linking very nicely with the origami folds this season are gonna look really nice on all the kimono's and patterned trousers we are very soon to be seeing laden across the shelves of the highstreet this year. Lanvin, Emilio Pucci & Galliano were very much in favour of this hinting to it in many of their items. 


One of my all time favourites and still have some statement pieces from last season such as my favourite pastel pink Zara blazer i literally lived in until it was socially unexceptable to wear it throughout the winter months! Cute greens, light blues and sweet yellows were in full force especially seen by Christopher Kane, Mulberry (my absolute fave!) and Fendi.

Neons & Trainers:

Neons, Sixties and Trainers are another huge look on the catwalk this S/S, not one of my favourite trends i have to say in all my time of learning fashion ive never been partically drawn to the 60s flower power look im much more a 40s style person. Alas i hate to admit the fact that i seriously want some Nike Blazers- there its out there on the whole of the internet i cant help it! i just love them! However neons linked partcially well with the sport bomber jacket look and looks absolutely to die for in figure hugging pencil skirt. Which i have to say is another favourite of mine, anyway Erdem, Matthew Williamson and Missoni are the ones to watch for this trend. Although topshop is rocking this look on the highstreet extremely well!

The Cropped Look:

Cropped jackets, cropped trousers everythings going short! which is good for me because it means that they are the proper length for me! haha. No for real i love the cropped look and have for ages, not so fond of the cropped jackets as i just dont think they suit the shorter person however i love cropped trousers, tailored or jean i think they look great with either a flat or a heel they can look super chic in almost any outfit. Alexander McQueen was the one who showed off the trouser whilst Balenciaga showed us how to wear the jacket.

 So here are my favourite trends of the season, there are many more which i have ever so kindly listed below (hehe). I hope you like this post im quite nervous to make it public so please do tell me whatyou think of it and im more than happy to do more if you guys wish! Hope you've all had a lovely day!

Bomber Jackets
Light Mesh fabrics and floaty chiffons
Animal Prints

Lots of Love,


InĂªs - peachycoral said...

My favourite trends are definitely the whites, neons and pastels :)
Good post! x

Jayleahparker said...

I love pastels :) you have lovely blog!

Jay x

Rebecca said...

Thanks hunny :) xxx

Rebecca said...

Aw Thankyou so much! That's so kind of you:) xxx