Saturday, 5 January 2013

Its That Time Again.

Jumper, Topshop 
Necklace, H&M
Leather Leggings, Topshop

So its that time of year again, the marmite one you love it or you hate it..right? Yes! the time of new years resolutions and diets! Needless to say I'm well into the whole new year, new you diet (total cliche) however i did go out for dinner with my boyfriend tonight- ruined it maybe?

However i am definitely going to set myself some resolutions this year!

1, Make the most out of my blog, definitely want to start blogging much more regularly & gaining followers as getting more followers make my day.
2, Gain more confidence and start blogging more fashion posts (it still petrifies me to take a picture of myself)
3, Go on work experience during Easter and summer with some textile and interior designers.
4, Start my own small business, I'm not sure what yet but working for myself is definitely on the cards
5, Attend some blogging events
6, Finally make the most out of my experience at uni, i definitely don't feel like I've done it justice just yet! 

Too much to ask maybe? I'm not sure, we will see & you guys can definitely make sure that I'm keeping up with it all!
I'd like to wish you all a really happy new year and also a huge thank you to the people who have followed me recently, it means so much to me & really makes my day even if i am only on 24 at the moment maybe this time next year it will be 124? Time will tell!

Whats all yours resolutions? I'd love to here them :) 

Also keep checking as I am getting a re-design in the next couple of weeks so will soon have a whole new look! I'm so excited! 

Lots of Love,



Char! said...

good luck keeping your resolutions :) x

Rebecca said...

thanks im going to try! (fingers crossed) hehe! xx

Nikki Bater said...

Good luck with your resolutions and blog. Keep posting :) x