Monday, 28 January 2013

I Love Weddings.

Blouse- Primark
Bag- Topshop
Dogtooth Trousers- Zara
Heels- Primark

So this weekend saw the weekend i had been super excited for for a while now, my boyfriends cousins wedding! I absolutely love weddings, they make me so happy especially as this was my first church wedding! I was completely nervous though, the night before i felt sick i was shaking i could not control myself i think the fact it wasn't my family it was my boyfriends made it so much more nerve wracking- even if we have been together 18 months and I've met them all before! Obviously i had nothing to worry about and absolutely love the fact i couldn't ever say a bad thing about his family, they are the loveliest people you could ever meet and always make me feel so welcome and loved they are just the absolute cutest! 
However onto my outfit, something i have been hugely stressing over since we got the invitation at the end of December! 
I firstly bought this lovely jumpsuit from missguided online along with the BIGGEST killer nude heels you have ever seen, due to the fact i only have size 4 feet this made it extremely hard to walk in however after having the items hung up on my door and tried on several times i had to come to the conclusion to send it back (sob) i loved it in fairness it was lovely and absolutely nothing wrong with it however it fitted me a bit to perfectly and even spanx didn't quite give me the figure i wanted and was far to scared to wear it without people thinking i was fat! So i headed into town to find something else, first stop Zara, my absolute fave at the moment and of course it didn't disappoint me at all. 
I literally fell in love with these tailored dogtooth print trousers for a very reasonable £40 and when trying on in the changing rooms i teamed with a selection of different black and white blouses and pointed heels. I loved the whole outfit however the shoes and trousers alone coming to a sum of £90 i couldn't quite bring myself to do it so went on the search for something cheaper. I am usually pretty good at finding something in primark and it didn't let me down, finding almost the exact same shoes in there for a wonderful £10 i couldn't say no! They are also available in nude to if you like them! I felt that as it was a wedding it wasn't appropriate to wear all black and white so i added a pop of colour with my "Monroe Red" nails which although small definitely lifted it slightly! 

What do you think of my outfit? Apologies for the not perfect images however being a girl i was running late! 
Do you like dogtooth print?

Lots of Love,


Natsie_x said...

Aww you look lovely, hope you had a lovely time!

Nicola said...

The shape of your nails are perfect!

Rebecca said...

Aw Thankyou that's so nice of you! Yeah it was lovely thanks hehe xxx

Rebecca said...

Aw thanks! I'm quite in love with them at the moment I have to say! Hehe, having my nails done makes me feel so much better! Xxx

Laura Loves Boutique said...

I have nominated you for the Liebster Award xx

Sindy said...

you look really lovely in this outfit and I'm loving your tailored trousers too! :)