Sunday, 13 January 2013

Back To Uni I Go.

Top- Topshop
Belt- Primark
Black Flower Jeans- Zara
Lipstick- YSL

So this week saw my first day back at university, what was that..half a day? Yes you very much just read correct a complete waste of my time i cant deny but it had to be done and my first hand in at university, Semester 1- Done!
I cant lie, university has been really tough to get used to I've contemplated leaving one to many times to remember but i know in my heart of hearts it really is what i want to do however choosing the path i want to go down and specialise in has been something of a hard choice to make. so turning up at university Wednesday and being told you have to decide right this minute is not something i dealt with to well- panic attack ahoy.
However the decision has now been made and i will be a future textile design weave specialist- all the times i thought i would choose fashion design and then weave hit me in the face like a ton of bricks and i most definitely love it! So fingers crossed all goes well- now its onto looking for work experience, eek!
Anyway here are a couple of pictures of my outfit, I'm getting there girls! Now I'm off to get involved in this weeks bloggers chat! after a week of panicking that maybe my blog isn't good enough after reading this months "super-blogger issue" in company magazine i have definitely felt at an all time low with it all however i have come to the decision its not all about being a super blogger as i do in fact just love having somewhere to write about everything that i love whether people read it or not!
So keep following and leaving comments you gorgeous people, it really means a lot and gives me that boost to keep going!

Lots of Love


peachycoral said...

Good work with your blog! :)

Kelly McKenny said...

well don'e on your big decision making! I stuggle with decisions too so understand your panic but sounds like your happy with it so it's all good! :)

Kelly McKenny said...

I nominated you for an award :)

Hollie said...

Nice outfit. Love the belt :) Take no notice about the company bloggers issue. I regret buying it the amount of rubbish that was wrote in it. Just keep posting what you love to write x

Rebecca said...

Aw thanks it's nice to know when other people feel the same way:) xxx

Rebecca said...

Aw thanks my belt is primark! I love it such a good find :) yeah I got quite upset about it definitely felt as if I wasn't good enough from it! Xxx