Monday, 28 January 2013

I Love Weddings.

Blouse- Primark
Bag- Topshop
Dogtooth Trousers- Zara
Heels- Primark

So this weekend saw the weekend i had been super excited for for a while now, my boyfriends cousins wedding! I absolutely love weddings, they make me so happy especially as this was my first church wedding! I was completely nervous though, the night before i felt sick i was shaking i could not control myself i think the fact it wasn't my family it was my boyfriends made it so much more nerve wracking- even if we have been together 18 months and I've met them all before! Obviously i had nothing to worry about and absolutely love the fact i couldn't ever say a bad thing about his family, they are the loveliest people you could ever meet and always make me feel so welcome and loved they are just the absolute cutest! 
However onto my outfit, something i have been hugely stressing over since we got the invitation at the end of December! 
I firstly bought this lovely jumpsuit from missguided online along with the BIGGEST killer nude heels you have ever seen, due to the fact i only have size 4 feet this made it extremely hard to walk in however after having the items hung up on my door and tried on several times i had to come to the conclusion to send it back (sob) i loved it in fairness it was lovely and absolutely nothing wrong with it however it fitted me a bit to perfectly and even spanx didn't quite give me the figure i wanted and was far to scared to wear it without people thinking i was fat! So i headed into town to find something else, first stop Zara, my absolute fave at the moment and of course it didn't disappoint me at all. 
I literally fell in love with these tailored dogtooth print trousers for a very reasonable £40 and when trying on in the changing rooms i teamed with a selection of different black and white blouses and pointed heels. I loved the whole outfit however the shoes and trousers alone coming to a sum of £90 i couldn't quite bring myself to do it so went on the search for something cheaper. I am usually pretty good at finding something in primark and it didn't let me down, finding almost the exact same shoes in there for a wonderful £10 i couldn't say no! They are also available in nude to if you like them! I felt that as it was a wedding it wasn't appropriate to wear all black and white so i added a pop of colour with my "Monroe Red" nails which although small definitely lifted it slightly! 

What do you think of my outfit? Apologies for the not perfect images however being a girl i was running late! 
Do you like dogtooth print?

Lots of Love,

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Spring/Summer 2013.

So on one of the last blogger chats I posted a tweet asking people if they would like me to do a Spring/Summer 2013 Trend post, and surprisingly a lot of people replied and they all said yes! So here it is on this very chilly Thursday afternoon, ive just taken my red velvet cupcakes out the oven so thought I would sit down here and do a post whilst I wait for them to cool & be iced!
There are a lot of trends for the coming S/S season and surprisingly all very different so il will post to you my very favourites and some that are also quite different and I know some of you daring bloggers out there will definitely rock some of these, however for me I think I will go a bit more subtle!

Minimalism & White: 

If there is any trend i love its always the minimalist and the whites. My fave, plain simple and the fact that you dont espeically get noticed in it is also a huge bonus for me! On the high-street this season Zara is using it the most throughout their collection however Topshop also have a slight hint of it in some of their pieces to. White is also a big one making just plain origami styled whites or embroidered girl on the praire, romantic style whites. The catwalk sees Jill Sander using minimalism the most whereas Valentino and Mrs McCartney are using the pretty whites.


Another super cute trend linking very nicely with the origami folds this season are gonna look really nice on all the kimono's and patterned trousers we are very soon to be seeing laden across the shelves of the highstreet this year. Lanvin, Emilio Pucci & Galliano were very much in favour of this hinting to it in many of their items. 


One of my all time favourites and still have some statement pieces from last season such as my favourite pastel pink Zara blazer i literally lived in until it was socially unexceptable to wear it throughout the winter months! Cute greens, light blues and sweet yellows were in full force especially seen by Christopher Kane, Mulberry (my absolute fave!) and Fendi.

Neons & Trainers:

Neons, Sixties and Trainers are another huge look on the catwalk this S/S, not one of my favourite trends i have to say in all my time of learning fashion ive never been partically drawn to the 60s flower power look im much more a 40s style person. Alas i hate to admit the fact that i seriously want some Nike Blazers- there its out there on the whole of the internet i cant help it! i just love them! However neons linked partcially well with the sport bomber jacket look and looks absolutely to die for in figure hugging pencil skirt. Which i have to say is another favourite of mine, anyway Erdem, Matthew Williamson and Missoni are the ones to watch for this trend. Although topshop is rocking this look on the highstreet extremely well!

The Cropped Look:

Cropped jackets, cropped trousers everythings going short! which is good for me because it means that they are the proper length for me! haha. No for real i love the cropped look and have for ages, not so fond of the cropped jackets as i just dont think they suit the shorter person however i love cropped trousers, tailored or jean i think they look great with either a flat or a heel they can look super chic in almost any outfit. Alexander McQueen was the one who showed off the trouser whilst Balenciaga showed us how to wear the jacket.

 So here are my favourite trends of the season, there are many more which i have ever so kindly listed below (hehe). I hope you like this post im quite nervous to make it public so please do tell me whatyou think of it and im more than happy to do more if you guys wish! Hope you've all had a lovely day!

Bomber Jackets
Light Mesh fabrics and floaty chiffons
Animal Prints

Lots of Love,

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The Liebster Award.

Bonjour Ladies & Gents! Guess who's been nominated for their 2nd award in 2 WEEKS!!!!
Yay, that would be me :):):):)
To say that i was excited is totally beyond an understatement today has been a really good day, i am writing this (eek!) i now have 52 blog followers and i also recieved an email regarding work experience during the summer! My day was made.
So anyway as this is gonna be another really long post i best get started seeing as in my last award post thinking of facts about myself was hard enough but to think of 11 more is seriously gonna be tough! haha.

Firstly thankyou soo much to the lovely Annie-Lou over at Big World, Small Girl for actually nominating me for the award, i was seriously priveleged that 2 people would give this to me and is making me was to blog SO much more but i thought maybe blogging twice a day was a bit much? hehe.
Heres a quick once over of the rules of this award for people who arent sure:

- List 11 facts about yourself
- Answer the 11 questions by the blogger who nominated you
- Ask 11 new questions for the bloggers you nominate
- Choose 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers
- Let your nominated bloggers know about it
- Thank the person who nominated you (common courtesy of course!)

So 11 Facts about me:

1. I love cake, cupcakes, cherry cakes, victoria sponge, raspberry & white chocolate muffins, fruit cake...
2. I am obsessed with mulberry, i need one in my life and am currently saving for one!
3. As soon as i leave uni i am hoping to move to Paris, for at least 6 months/1 year
4. I've collected every Vogue magazine for 3 years and currently have a huge collection along with buying a foreign Vogue in every country i visit.
5. I find blogging a huge realease as even though i dont tell anyone hardly anything it feels like im getting things off my chest and definately feel less stressed.
6. I get really lonely and hate being at home on my own.
7. I miss having a really close group of friends that i could tell anything to.
8. I want to travel across america with my boyfriend in a vintage car.
9. I struggle getting through each day without my dog, he was the only one i told the world to.
10. I've wanted to be in fashion since i can remeber and always knew what i wanted to do.
11. I wish i was the size i was when i left school although people always tell me i was to skinny.

Annie-Lou's Questions:
1. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
Paris definately, until im married i want to live in Chester
2. Make up your own ice cream flavour: what would it be?
Ahh I love ice-cream i dont know! Maybe a cookie dough one with white chocolate & cherries in!
3. What super power would you like to have?
Invisibility because i get so paranoid i'd rather know what people were doing/saying
4. All inclusive package or backpacking adventure?
All inclusive, backpacking scares me although it would be a huge eye-opener and confidence booster!
5. What is the one thing you would not want to travel without?
My mum
6. Skiing on the slopes or surfing in the sun?
Surfing in the sun definately!
7. What animal would you use to describe yourself?
A dog, i am obbsessed with sleeping!
8. Do you prefer the hustle and bustle of urban city breaks or the tranquil and peace of rural retreats and why?
I like both, can i do that? haha, i love the hustle and bustle of a busy city however peace and relaxation is probably more for me as a holiday!
9. Born to travel or stay at home?
I love travelling however i would probably end up staying at home because its safe and i get to scared to do something different
10. What is your best/worst travel experience?
When i went to florida with my family and everything we had got stolen, passports, money, keys the lot! Best experience is probably my first trip to paris!
11. Travel plans for 2013?
Well im not going on a proper holiday this year however next month im heading to Paris with my uni, in april im going to france to visit my boyfriends family and then hopefully during my 4 months off in summer i hope to travel over the UK doing work experience and searching out the vintage shops!

My Questions:
1. What is your biggest ambition?
2. Worst Fear?
3. Whats your favouite vintage shop?
4. Most loved item of clothing? why?
5. What beauty item do you swear by?
6. Dream holiday?
7. Favourite type of cake?
8. Best memory of your childhood?
9. Biggest blog moment so far?
10. Guiltiest pleasure?
11. Favourite Era of fashion?

I cant believe quite how long this post is however finally here are a few of the lovely and amazing bloggers i have nominated!

Anyway, now is time to go and find something yummy in the cupboards! 
Lots of Love

Monday, 21 January 2013

Magical Minerals.

Bare Minerals Get Started Complexion Kit- £49.00
Bare Minerals Flawless Definition Mascara- £16.00
Bare Minerals Correction Concealer- £21.00
Bare Minerals Round The Clock Waterproof Eyeliner- £13.00

Well today see's the day of my first beauty product review, first of not many i don't expect as i am not one for creating the perfect smokey eye or the to-die-for red lip. Make-up isn't really my forte to my great disappointment! 
Personally i have never been one for make-up, don't get me wrong i love it & i love the idea of making yourself "beautiful" however having a huge makeup set and actually knowing how to use it all is something I'm not particularly pro at. However now I am going to share with you my new found love of make-up with the beauty that is Bare Minerals! As well as a little insight into my beloved dressing table. 
I recently did up my room and bought this gorgeous dressing table (all by myself) from a company called Dunelm Mill for a relatively cheap £150! I absolutely fell in love with it when i first saw it and as all the others i had seen happened to be more the £400 mark i had to buy it immediately! This definitely makes doing my hair and make-up all the more fun now definitely gives me that super princess feel to my bedroom as I have never actually had one! So here is to the magic of the mineral beauty product, during the summer i took my first ever trip to Brighton which i posted about a while back with my mum. As we were walking along the lanes it was a complete coincidence that we came across the Bare Escentuals shop as that day i was having a reaction with the eyeliner i was wearing at the time so went in looking for a new one. 
We were very kindly greeted by one of the lovely make-up professionals who was more than happy to help with what i was after, she proceeded to test the eyeliner on me and then tested the rest of the makeup, which may sound slightly sad but i literally fell in love with it! (as well as my mum which is a big deal as if she doesn't like it, i cant buy it! i don't like not having her approval hehe)
I started with the "Get Started Kit" which includes: 

-Bare Minerals Original SPF 15 Foundation
-Original Mineral Veil finishing powder
-Warmth All-Over Face Colour
-Full Flawless Face Brush
-Flawless Application Face Brush
-Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush
-How-To DVD 
-Prime Time Foundation Primer

It comes in at a relatively high price however if your one like me that loves the natural look and not the full on over the top make-up that tends to happen with liquid foundations this is absolutely perfect for you! The foundation is very clever in that it uses the "Swirl, Tap, Buff" technique creating a really light coating on top of the foundation primer however for an evening you can apply more for a much thicker and longer lasting coverage. I started with this kit however now have started to purchase the items individually to top up as i run out which does make the cost much higher (boo-hoo!) however most certainly worth the expense as its long lasting, doesn't clog up your pores and also if you wear it on a night out and then end up passing out when you get in it doesn't matter if you sleep in it! I do however wear normal high street makeup as well such as max factor, and rimmel which are also brilliant brands but as my skin is so sensitive this just works for me!

Apologies for the extremely long post! 
Lots of Love

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Happy Snow Day!

Scarf- Primark
Jumper- H&M
Jeans- Topshop
Socks- New Look
Boots- Office
Fur Coat- Primark

Okay so maybe i chose the slightly wrong name for my post? For me personally i absolutely hate snow, from the age of about 15 when we started to get snow i only have bad memories of it so it definitely wasn't a happy snow day it was a bad mood day! (especially when my boyfriend says, hey bub shall we go for a walk?)! However all the more excuse to get all wrapped up for the cold January day, all that read/comment this please bare with i know this isn't the greatest of pictures but at the moment i am super conscious of my weight so showing my face and front view is totally nerve wracking so please be nice! hehe.
Anyway i chose to rock the casual winter look with my most favourite pair of jeans, some super comfy riding style boots-totally on trend this winter so everyone grab a pair! and then teaming it with my gorgoeus fur coat which was a major steal back in august(i know embarrasing but it was hardly a summer!) from primark! I love the cute leporad pattern that jazzes up any outfit and you may not be able to see it here but it actually comes with a adorable little brooch to make it really vintage chic! After my not so lovely walk in the middle of the blizzard i then spent the rest of my day taking pictures for many more blog posts and baking cookies before trying to attempt getting to work! Not the easiest of tasks but I managed it!

What did you guys do on your snow day? How did you wrap this winter?

Lots of Love,

Friday, 18 January 2013

The Versatile Blogger Award.

Well, I literally cannot contain my excitement for being absolutely honoured by this award. So unbelieveable that i have actually been nominated for an award being so new to blogging! Im not exactly sure how this works but bare with me and hopefully i will get it right! 

Here are the rules for those who arent aware (i certainly wasnt!) but im sure all you lovely people are aware!

                  - Nominate up to 15 bloggers for the award who are relatively new to blogging

                                               - Let them know you have nominated them
- Share seven random facts about yourself
- Thank the blogger who has nominated you
- Add the Versatile Blogger Award Picture to your post

So first of all thankyou SO much to the lovely Kelly over at who actually nominated me for this award, its so kind of you and definately given me a great boost to keep blogging! 

7 facts about myself:
1. I without fail never understand jokes- ever - i always need them explained to me which then totally ruins the joke anyway (dont waste your breath on them with me guys)
2. i absolutely dispise baked beans, any beans, just beans in general they are gross and need to go!
3. I am only 5ft- so depressing with a 6ft boyfriend (hows the weather down there bec?)
4. I love knitting, im yet to knit anything other than a straight line however its so relaxing
5. I cannot go shopping and not come back with at least one thing, it puts me in the worst mood!
6.  My boyfriend is currently teaching me french
7. I love organising things, im not always on top of it but when i am its the best feeling of relief!

So thats 7 facts about me, ive thanked the blogger who nominated me, added the image to my post now i need to nominate 15 other bloggers! Here are a few of my absolute faves that you should most definately check out :) But anyway thankyou again to Kelly and all of my new followers, slowly going up in the blog world!

Enjoy all these lovely blogs! 
Lots of Love, Rebecca.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Back To Uni I Go.

Top- Topshop
Belt- Primark
Black Flower Jeans- Zara
Lipstick- YSL

So this week saw my first day back at university, what was that..half a day? Yes you very much just read correct a complete waste of my time i cant deny but it had to be done and my first hand in at university, Semester 1- Done!
I cant lie, university has been really tough to get used to I've contemplated leaving one to many times to remember but i know in my heart of hearts it really is what i want to do however choosing the path i want to go down and specialise in has been something of a hard choice to make. so turning up at university Wednesday and being told you have to decide right this minute is not something i dealt with to well- panic attack ahoy.
However the decision has now been made and i will be a future textile design weave specialist- all the times i thought i would choose fashion design and then weave hit me in the face like a ton of bricks and i most definitely love it! So fingers crossed all goes well- now its onto looking for work experience, eek!
Anyway here are a couple of pictures of my outfit, I'm getting there girls! Now I'm off to get involved in this weeks bloggers chat! after a week of panicking that maybe my blog isn't good enough after reading this months "super-blogger issue" in company magazine i have definitely felt at an all time low with it all however i have come to the decision its not all about being a super blogger as i do in fact just love having somewhere to write about everything that i love whether people read it or not!
So keep following and leaving comments you gorgeous people, it really means a lot and gives me that boost to keep going!

Lots of Love

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Its That Time Again.

Jumper, Topshop 
Necklace, H&M
Leather Leggings, Topshop

So its that time of year again, the marmite one you love it or you hate it..right? Yes! the time of new years resolutions and diets! Needless to say I'm well into the whole new year, new you diet (total cliche) however i did go out for dinner with my boyfriend tonight- ruined it maybe?

However i am definitely going to set myself some resolutions this year!

1, Make the most out of my blog, definitely want to start blogging much more regularly & gaining followers as getting more followers make my day.
2, Gain more confidence and start blogging more fashion posts (it still petrifies me to take a picture of myself)
3, Go on work experience during Easter and summer with some textile and interior designers.
4, Start my own small business, I'm not sure what yet but working for myself is definitely on the cards
5, Attend some blogging events
6, Finally make the most out of my experience at uni, i definitely don't feel like I've done it justice just yet! 

Too much to ask maybe? I'm not sure, we will see & you guys can definitely make sure that I'm keeping up with it all!
I'd like to wish you all a really happy new year and also a huge thank you to the people who have followed me recently, it means so much to me & really makes my day even if i am only on 24 at the moment maybe this time next year it will be 124? Time will tell!

Whats all yours resolutions? I'd love to here them :) 

Also keep checking as I am getting a re-design in the next couple of weeks so will soon have a whole new look! I'm so excited! 

Lots of Love,