Sunday, 28 April 2013

Spring Brights.

Blazer- Primark
Jeans- River Island
Shoes- Primark
Necklace- Freedom at Topshop

Hey there lovely girls!
So this week we saw some sun, yay! beyond happy with that although me being an absolute weirdo i was still cold- i feel the cold so bad i keep getting cramp in my hands all the time where there so cold! (sobs)
Anyway, with this beautiful weather looming i got out my beautifully bright coral blazer that i actually bought last summer however all about up-cycling your clothes now girls right?! I was off out to lunch with some friends so wanted something comfortable yet tailored and on trend. I decided to team my blazer with a simple white vest and my blue pinstripe jeans again from last years spring/summer collection at River Island, i love these jeans so simple yet the slight pattern makes them that little bit different. I bought this necklace on my birthday trip to Topshop Oxford Street, I am so in love with statement necklaces' at the moment, chains, flowers, studs you name it i love them. They make even the dullest of outfits better!
So quite a short post today however felt i must share my first summer outfit of the season with you! Im off to write and plan some more blog posts as im off to London tomorrow for some research( for my latest project which i only have two weeks to do! 
Stress Levels.. 99.9%

Speak to you soon,
Lots of Love

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The Perfect Regime for Sensitive Skin.

Hey beauties,
Bit of a beauty post this time rather than fashion I don't really feel hugely confident with doing these as I'm not particularly 'in the know' as it were I don't try lots of different brands etc. But anyway I thought I would do this post as if your unlucky like me and have hideously sensitive/dry skin like me this is absolutely perfect for you!
I never used to bother all that much with my skin, moisturising twice a day was way to much effort and cleansing was just a huge cant be bothered I was all about hideously gloopy foundation and a make up wipe! I think though it started when I saw some pictures of grandparents and my mums great Aunty had the most beautiful skin, she always looked after it and even when she was old had the skin of a 20 year old model, perfect and hardly wrinkled.
So I thought I'd give it a go! As you can see from the pictures my whole cleansing regime is from 'simple' I love there stuff even though it says no fragrance it does have a slight smell, which is lovely and it's super soft.
Every morning I use the facial wash in the shower with my little puff I bought for about £4 in body shop, followed by cleansing wash from clearasil and then cleansing lotion-toner-light moisturiser, everyday without fail. I've become so obsessed my skin is so clear and soft now spots literally make me want to die a bit!
In the evening I just use a face wipe to take off my makeup and then depending how I feel either the night cream or rich moisturiser, these are perfect for putting on at night as they really work with your skin they don't sting and aren't hugely greasy (although when I put to much on & put it on my boyfriends face he begs to differ!)
The main reason for sharing my regime with you is because whilst on holiday in France I actually didn't take all this stuff with me and I had one of the worst allergic Reactions I've ever had and my skin was hideous! I cried- a lot! And as soon as I was home and straight back on it my skin cleared up within 7 days!

One thing I do have to say is the clearasil wash actually stings quite a lot I don't know if that's just me but as I bought it I'm carrying on but I wouldn't particularly recommend! I know this has been a long post but hopefully will help some people and if you go to your local savers store the whole collection is so much cheaper than boots or superdrug! Last thing before I leave you is this absolute godsend of the 'simple spot zapper' everyone needs to invest they are amazing and as soon as you see that horrid red bump put it on over night and it will be gone by the morning- genius!

Hope this helps!
Lots of Love,

Sunday, 14 April 2013

I Love Your Shirt, Wheres It From?

Shirt- H&M
Necklace- A Shop In France
Shoes- Primark
Blazer- Topshop
Jeans- Miss Selfridge

Good Evening you beauties,

Another post that's taken me a while however i actually have quite a few posts in my drafts waiting to be posted so bare with me hunnys! Anyway, here is a little post on my outfit i wore to meet one of my friends from uni the other day on a little shopping trip to Southampton. Like all the weather at the moment it wasn't great but it wasn't raining and i was totally not sure what to wear as a jacket I thought about my leather one but didn't want to wear a coat so settled on this cropped blazer i got a few seasons back in topshop (that i actually forgot i had- like you haven't done that 10000 times!). Overall my outfit is actually really black however gone for the more monochrome look, actually without realising to be honest however i now have a new found love for this gorgeous shirt i found from H&M i think it was either £12.99 or £14.99 however i have posted about it in a previous haul post. But now its as a OOTD! I decided to team it with my black jeans and studded black pumps i bought the other day from Primark for just £5, bargain?! 
I actually love Primark shoes they always seem to be my best ones for pumps and flip flops etc, all the everyday shoes, but mine were starting to wear away so invested in a couple of new pairs!
I had a variety of necklaces to chose from however opted for this cute silver one i bought whilst on holiday with my boyfriends family at their house in France, i actually really want a bold neon coloured one to pop when wearing such a dark outfit but i thought the silver worked quite well as opposed to gold. I am definitely on the hunt for a cute neon one though to fit under the collar! 
Anyway I'm off now to read a new book i bought on my iPad, never thought i would like eBooks but they are so good! 

What do you think of monochrome? Do you like this shirt? 
Lots of Love,


Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Happy Birthday To Me!

Top- Topshop
Shoes- Primark
Watch- Urban Outfitters
Jeans- Topshop
Bag- Zara

Okay guys so its been exactly 2 weeks since i last posted? Disgusting isn't it, however if you follow me on twitter i have been having major blog writers block. Quite frankly its been well stressful wanting to blog so badly but just not knowing what to write about so i took a break so i didn't fill you all with crap and make you really bored and click the unfollow button as opposed to the follow one! 

However this week saw the every anticipated day of my 19th birthday, am i classed as vintage yet?
I had the best day, i went out for lunch with my parents and grandparents later to be told i was going to London the next day! Excited? I think so! Being thoroughly spoilt by all my family we headed to topshop oxford street vouchers in tow to spend more than my limit of money! 
This top is actually the only thing from my topshop trip I'm wearing in this outfit for just £15 it was a massive steal! I have a similar top from a few years back from New Look however its much more tight fitting and as I'm feeling really self conscious at the moment another baggy top made it to my wardrobe to hide a multitude of sins! 
I always like the blue and white stripe with a bold red or more neutral tan which i have done here with the bag i mentioned in my previous "Wish list" post which my lovely grandparents bought for me, love at first site! Although my lovely boyfriend kindly pointed out how much bigger the bag is to myself I love it, my new Mary Poppins bag! Its a mix of leather and suede with a longer strap for when you don't want to hold it always a bonus! My final buy from my London trip was this gorgeous watch from Urban Outfitters, i really wanted a watch for my birthday but as anyone who knows me will know i never wear a watch hence why they wouldn't buy me the £209 one i wanted, fair enough?
I did however find this cutie which i kinda fell in love with, the leather style strap in the dark brown and the cream and gold face works perfect with any outfit so it was a definite must! Also loved it even more when the price tag was £24 and it came up at the till as £12, love my life.

Anyway, i am gonna go and finish watching my new fave programme "Great British Sewing Bee"
I'm back, i have my list of upcoming blog posts at the ready and i will not be having another block anytime soon!

How are you all?
Lots of Love, 

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Print & Pattern.

Bonjour Belle's,

How weird is this I’m writing this post from a boat in the middle of the ocean? Strange right? Well maybe not but it is for me and I’m excited over it!
Anyway it’s a relatively quick post, I’m hoping to be able to blog this week however I’m actually on my way to France to see my boyfriends family. Beyond excited as I absolutely love them although last week you know we had that little sprinkling of snow everyone moaned about? (Including me) they had 3 foot of it so this could be slightly interesting however still excited to see them all again!
Now onto the clothes, we went on a little shopping trip yesterday to buy some warm clothes to take with us; clearly as you can see from the pictures I totally stuck to this? I’m laughing at myself! Anyway I bought this super cute shirt from H&M I saw it the other day but they didn’t have my size so was really pleased when they had one left when I went in yesterday and had to snap it up straight away! For just 12.99 you literally cant go wrong, I’m loving the hint towards monoprint on it and its made of a super soft chiffon style material making it really flattering to wear! I can’t wait to put an outfit together with this! Leggings, don’t really need to say anything about that, all girls know these are an essential to any wardrobe. End of.
Hmm, this top I cant decide whether this is a controversial one or not but I’ve seen it in Primark for a while now its not particularly something I usually go for however I just am really drawn to it. I think its because its quite grungy with the army print however the dark detailing of the jewels on the shoulder give it that cute feminine edge another really cheap find at just £6 and now on my tight budget of well nothing as I’m jobless you cant go wrong. I love it! I also bought this cross necklace another Primark find at just £2 I’ve seen a few in topshop and various other places for a much more expensive price but the chances of me wearing it often enough to actually condone the price isn’t worth it so a Primarni buy was much more appropriate although obviously not as well made!

I am really pleased with these finds though and cant wait to wear them with jeans and a leather jacket maybe even some disco pants or wet look legging and some biker boots.
What do you think of my latest buys?
Have you found any bargains recently?
Let me know!

Lots of Love,

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Tea Dresses and Frilly Socks.

Dress- Topshop
Necklace- Topshop
Boots- Primark

Hello again Belle's,
how are we all? I'm personally absolutely shattered so have to question why I'm even still awake right now as i was actually not going to even put this post up but changed my mind at last minute as overall i quite like the outfit its me that looks horrific. So bare with if maybe this post comes across negative but i hope not!
When writing where everything on my outfit came from actually realised that its a bit of a topshop crazy fiasco on the go however i actually posted about these buys quite a while back and i know its naughty but this was the first time id worn any of it.. (slaps wrists). Waste of my money? maybe. 
However i love love love this necklace and have worn that and the socks a few times along with the boots that I've had a while and actually wear most of the time! So really its just the dress i haven't worn. I don't really have a proper excuse for this although i do actually feel slightly uncomfortable in this dress and super fat. But that is beyond the point as it does live up to everything about topshop, well made clothes and super soft fabric- its a lovely dress don't get me wrong i just think i don't feel comfortable in myself at the moment so maybe when I've lost some weight and done some exercise il feel a bit better about it and wear it more comfortably as overall i actually really like the dress.
But i have to say my favourite part of this outfit is actually my necklace, its so gorgeous and such a rocky statement to a relatively girlie dress(minus the winter colour). The necklace is quite heavy however when you get it to not get tangled which i am definitely the queen of doing! It lays perfectly and looks fab with a jumper or a blouse for day and for night. 
Preferably i would have worn this with my leather jacket for the rock chic edge but due to the absolute freezing temperatures that have been thrown at us this week yesterday it was SO windy i had to team if with a chunky knit cardi and my fur coat to keep extra warm.
Overall though, i would definitely recommend I'm just not sure its for me!

What do you guys think?
Have any of you got this dress?
Comment below!

Lots of Love,

Monday, 11 March 2013

The Liebster Award // Take 2.

Hey There Belle's,
So yesterday during the #bbloggers chat i mentioned how i wanted to do a few different posts & one being the 50 Facts about me tag, i personally find posts about the person who is blogging super interesting so was quite tempted by this however i have been extremely lucky in the last couple of weeks to be nominated for 3 more Liebster Awards! Wow, 5 different awards now I am so happy i feel so lucky that people would want to nominate me for anything at all let alone a blogging award! As i have been nominated before i wasn't to sure about doing 3 more so i thought about combining all the questions from the lovely bloggers into one post as well as a 50 facts post- kinda but the questions will be the facts i guess! 
However firstly a huge thank you to:
- Ines at peachycoral
- Michelle at Beauty Beamish
- Sinead at Natural Beauty oxo
Who ever so kindly nominated me for the award, I've been so tempted to go in for the Company Blog Award 2013 however i definitely don't have the guts to do that just yet, everything one step at a time i think so maybe next year however i am definitely voting for all the lovely bloggers that have been nominated, congratulations and good luck!!

Anyway onto some facts about me & the questions:

1. A place you've been to and loved?
Paris, always!
2. A beauty product you can't live without?
Probably Mascara
3. Favourite nail polish colour?
Pinks and Reds
4. Which foreign store would you like to have in your country?
Hmm that's a tough one i don't really know! Is Sephora in England? I used to like that!
5. What do you first notice on a blog?
The Background, layout, colours and fonts
6. What's the main colour of your room?
Its all white
7. Jeans or leggings?
8. Favourite song/artist at the moment?
Hmm, probably K Koke ft. Rita Ora, Lay Down Your Weapons
9. Favourite colour to wear on clothes?
Cream and White, so boring but go with everything, loving black to
10. Dresses or skirts?
11. A film you will never get enough of watching?
Forrest Gump
1.What is your Holly Grail beauty item?
My moisturising lip gloss & mascara!
2.What is your Favourite Drugstore Makeup brand?
Max Factor
3.What is your Favourite season?
4.Do you prefer Lipstick or Lip Butters?
Lip Butters? Lip gloss is my fave
5.What is your Favourite Food?
Pasta and Garlic Bread!
6.What is your 3 essential products in the Morning?
Cleanser, Toner, Moisturiser
7.What is your Favourite Skincare item?
8.Name your favourite place to go travel/see?
Loving Museums all over the place much more lately, so anywhere with good culture
9.Name Your best beauty tip/advice
Always cleanse and moisturise, i cant go without anymore
10.Are you a Handbag or Shoe lover?
Handbags definitely!
11.Would you rather live without Foundation or Mascara?
1. What is your Pet Peeve?
Inconsiderate people!
2. What do you want to achieve this year?
I want to get fit, i just cant bring myself to do it even though i despise my body and to make my blog even better as well as do well at uni!
3. Why and When did you start Blogging?
I started almost a year ago however properly in December time, one of my closest friends had a blog and i liked the idea of being able to write instead of being creative all the time so i started it and loved it!
4. What is your biggest Achievement?
Reaching 100 blog followers as well as getting top grades in all the subjects i wanted and creating clothes people want to wear.
5. what was your first job if you have had one?
Iceland Frozen Foods- never again
6. Best childhood Memory
All the times out with my family and my best friend who I've known since a baby we did everything together!
7. Do you have any pets. If not, what would you like?
I used to have a dog called Bruno, he was my world but sadly passed away in August- I'm still not over it
8. A food and drink you like and dislike?
This would take to long, I'm so fussy these days
9. Where was your last holiday?
10. Where do you see your blog in a years time?
Hopefully bigger and better! My followers are slowly going up and i have some great posts planned for my time off from uni i will be in full swing and hopefully give you all some great reading!
11. What are your hobbies? 
Shopping, Drawing, Seeing friends when i can, Being with my boyfriend and my family

So there you have it all the questions i was given, because i have combined this post with kind of facts about me as well as the questions from my lovely nominators there are too many people i could nominate in reply however i will let people know the lovely blogs i think should be checked out etc, just know your all amazing at what you do in each and every way and i love you all! 

Off to check out all the links i was sent last night now! 
Lots of Love,

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Vintage Darling.

Yesterday saw the first official day of the weekend and one i totally wasn't in the mood for knowing i had to return a pair of jeans i bought a while back in the sale that had completely ripped- beyond disappointment and had to go all the way into town with zero money, being a jobless citizen is starting to prove difficult i potentially couldn't think of anything worse.
However i returned my jeans- not for the price i paid - but they were totally helpful so i cant complain! Anyway whilst wandering the streets of Southampton i was getting flung various leaflets that usually lets me honest no-one reads however i was handed one for a vintage market on the first floor of another shopping centre down the road the 2nd Saturday of every month which happened to be yesterday! So i persuaded my boyfriend to let us go and take a look for if anything a perfect little blog opportunity, and it didn't disappoint.
It was a lot smaller than i expected however it was super cute and i came away with these little beauties from the company "Silvery Somethings" and "Only Fools and Flutterbyes" I got speaking to the lovely ladies that owned the stalls and mentioned about my little space on the Internet and said "oh il definitely feature you on my blog!" as everyone there seemed relatively new to the scene and they had such cute buys there was definitely the perfect opportunity to promote some lovely new businesses! 
The ring here is from "Silvery Somethings" a local business down the road from me that makes hand crafted jewellery and other little buys so i found this statement ring with a huge pearl on the top, totally girlie and perfect for the spring days we are wishing to come. As well as having a huge variety of totally different and unique buys they are also a great price at just £5.50 for this ring here! 
Secondly i stopped by at the "Only Fools and Flutterbyes" Stall rung by a lady who creates again jewellery but jewellery that has a meaning, each piece comes individually wrapped with sayings to relate to anyone in any walk of life. Perfect for a little pick me up and a cute little keepsake when your feeling down! As well as jewellery Amy also creates hand painted stones with meaningful messages, photo frames and other little keepsakes! 

So i thought i would give them both a little shout out and promote them on my little blog so i have posted below the links to both facebook pages where you can find all their various gifts, so go ahead, like the page and browse through all the pictures because there was definitely something for everyone!

Happy Sunday!
Lots of Love,

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Whats In My Handbag?

Black Satchel- Zara
Tan Tote- Ebay
Purse- River Island
Notebook- Paper chase

Hello lovely people! 
So i have been seeing a few of these posts on various profiles for a little while now and seeing as this week has been the most boring i have had in a very long time i thought i would do a little post on whats in my handbag as handbags are my ultimate floor almost any handbag can make me go weak at the knees as it were. Some peoples are shoes mines handbags, every type!
So unlike most people with using their everyday handbag, i had to put in 2 because i never have one bag for every day i change it almost everyday without fail but at the moment these are my current 2 faves!
My bag often varies in whats in it but overall these are my staples! The black satchel i bought in the "sale" (probably the only thing that wasn't in the sale) for £50 and it was definitely worth the expense its gone through torrential rain downpours and still in perfect condition even though its suede! I mentioned the other bag in my last post so i wont repeat myself but both these bags are my absolute go-tos there go with absolute any outfit & i fully adore them!
Now onto whats inside!
I always have a notebook on me, always and since a young age I've had a bit of a love for notebooks and stationary- i literally have hundreds! but this is my favourite and newest i bought the other day for about £8 i think it was from paper chase, always the best place to find some adorable stationary and this Japanese inspired book ticks all the right boxes for all my quick notes when out and about!
The other book I'm always keeping in my bag at the moment is "The Little Book of Confidence" by the same author as "Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway" its filled with little quotes to give you a boost when your feeling totally down in the dumps, being so small to if your a bit embarrassed about it you know no-one will really notice it! 
4Head, Hand Cream, Tissues & a Nail file, always an essential for any occasion right? I cant survive without hand cream at the moment, suffering with eczema mainly on my hands I'm constantly using it to stop them getting worse and this one is perfect and just the right size for even a clutch bag. I have to keep a nail file on me all the time seeing as I'm never without my acrylics this is a acrylic specific nail file just in case they chip which isn't very often!(touch wood)
Anyway, this has been a much longer post than i anticipated but its definitely been really fun to do!

What do you think of my bag?
Have you done a post like this?
Leave the links below id love to see all your bags!

Lots of Love,

Monday, 4 March 2013

Birthday Wishes

Birthday Wishes

Good Evening Glamours,

Today i spent my day attending uni for around 2 hours and then going home to sleep and be bored, the life of a fashion student, right?

I figured now as its about 25/26 days until my birthday i would do a cheeky wish list set courtesy of "Polyvore" one of my very lovely friends introduced me to! I haven't really taken a look at it properly before but i thought on this chilly but sunny afternoon i would take a look around and post my favourite things i would like for my birthday along with making a overall outfit at the same time!
Ive chosen a selection of things from my favourite shops Topshop(of course), River Island and Zara. If you follow me on polyvore or use it i think you can click on the above image to get to my page which has all the prices on!
My favourites on this page are the Bucket Bag with Buckles from Zara, coming in at £59.99 i think its absolutely gorgeous as some of you know bags are my weakness so this is definitely top of my list! I am also fully lusting over this contrast print tee from Topshop at a typical price of £32 I'm loving it, I'm usually not one for in your face prints however i saw this in the shop the other day and its not as bold as it looks, the colours are still pretty and stand out but not the top you see from miles away on someone on the high street in town! Definite investment needs to be made there, finally the shoes. Oh my goodness the shoes, aren't they just the cutest thing? simple black ballet pumps with a slight heel covered in small studs, totally on trend and perfect with the other garments on my set.
I will definitely be wearing this top with a big statement necklace and leather jacket to punk it up a bit but i think you could definitely dress it down with some jeans and a cute ring like the bow one at the top.

What do you think of my first polyvore set?
Do any of you use polyvore?
Comment below!

I'm off to do some research on one of my fave designers Oscar De La Renta now for my latest project,
Toodles beauties!

Lots of Love,

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Just a Little Sparkle.

Happy Sunday Hunnys! 
How are we all?
I'm feeling quite on it with my blogging this week now my projects over I'm quite pleased with myself!
Anyway, today i spent the day wishing my mum and dad away on there separate work trips, one to Ireland one to Hungary. My dad is always away however my mum not so much so whilst I'm writing this I'm sat by the phone in anticipation for a phone call making sure that shes ok! My mum is my best friend in the whole world so it really hard to be away from her, who said I'm nearly 19?
Alas after saying our goodbyes i went for a little lunch date and some food shopping with my boyfriend and then headed home and created this little beauty! 
I'm not sure if I've seen this on someone elses blog or not i kinda of hope not as i dont want to seem like copying! however i decided to do this as my brushes were just getting all mucky and messy in my makeup drawer so i thought rather than buying something id make my own! 
I received this ribbon as a little gift a long time ago and never used it i just really liked it and didn't want to ruin it but i grabbed it together with a used jam jar & a selection of clear beads I've collected over the years.
I started by placing glue dots around the wrong side of the ribbon, measuring it and then sticking it around the rim of the jar. I decided with glue dots as opposed to glue as you never know when you might want to change the ribbon or add something else so it gives the opportunity of change! Bonus of no mess to of PVA glue or anything, finally i filled it with a selection of beads i had. Obviously you could use anything depending on the style of your room, coloured beads as opposed to clear, sand- anything! 
Ideally you would have a lot more beads than i have here to hold the brushes in firmly so i think i may purchase some more this week however i think this works really well and am so pleased with the result! It was really fun and so quick and easy i think i will be doing a few more of these posts if i get good feedback! 

What do you guys think of my makeshift makeup brush stand?
Will you be giving it a go?
Have you done something like this before?

Lots of Love,

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Oh So Curly.

Jumper- Zara
Super Soft Leigh Ankle Grazers- Topshop
Ballet Pumps- Primark
Necklace- Vintage
Bag- Ebay

How are we all on this rather dull Saturday evening? I don't know about you but I'm absolutely shattered and after this i think I'm gonna be really boring and go to bed! 
However today i spent a lovely day with my boyfriend just together, being cute on a little day trip doing odd jobs etc. So as its my first proper weekend as a non working citizen i thought i would treat myself and dress up a little bit more and make the effort with myself. Surprisingly it felt really good and i even got some lovely compliments from my boyfy! Which was really nice. I've finally handed in my first weave project so as a treat now I'm not getting regular money i got my nails redone as well as buying some new dark wash jeans from topshop! Ive had and still got infact a few pairs of jeans from topshop and i have to say i just cannot fault them. As my lovely followers probably know by now that jeans are my absolute staple item and as everybody knows i think everyone has that one shop for jeans that just works for them and mine is most definitely Topshop, which is for everything-oops.
However i have been after some dark wash jeans for a while as all i seem to wear at the moment is black ones and these are just the perfect fit! Like the name says they are SO soft they are more like leggings really being so soft but they are seriously comfortable, wearable and durable as well as obviously looking great. The colour is perfect the mix between dark and black which is kinda strange but really works with the usual button fastening of a jean. The jumper I'm wearing here is the other purchase i bought in Paris and have been yet to share with you all, at a fabulous £16.95 i don't think you can go wrong really. Personally i always wear vests under my jumpers as layers however this jumper is just the right thickness for spring to which makes it even better! although you cant actually see it in this picture it does actually zip up at the back with a not so obvious dip hem to it which makes it slightly different to usual "boring" jumpers as it were however for me no jumper is boring! 
I teamed it simply with some black suede ballet pumps and the vintage chain necklace I've mentioned a few times before that i am literally living in at the moment! Just to give it that extra little touch.
Now the bag, I may have mentioned before now but I'm not exactly sure that I am fully in love with Mulberry bags, literally i must have one before i die or i haven't achieved anything so when i saw this lovely bag in one of Becky's posts on "milkbubbletea" i knew i had to have it! Who would believe it was just 17.95? Not me! It comes in a selection of colours however i knew tan was for me, you would think it would look really tacky being such a cheap price however its such good quality and has a lovely little lining to! 
Unfortunately i don't have the link anymore as i bought it a while back however if you follow milkbubbletea its on there! Lastly however i curled my hair today something i haven't done for a really long time and i simply did it with my ghds to anyone who was interested as i was actually really pleased with how it turned out!

I would also just like to add a hugeeeeee thank you to you all for helping me to now reach 100 followers! It is literally the best feeling and i cant explain how happy I am! It means the world to me so thank you so much! 

What do you think of my outfit?
Where is your staple jean shop?

Lots of Love,

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Check Mate.

Shirt- Zara
Leggings- Topshop
Snood- River Island
Converse- Unknown

Bonjour Sugars! 
So if any of you follow me on instagram your know that this post was supposed to be up a few days ago, so i do apologise but ive been super manic trying to finish off my project for my critical review today which im actually really happy with as it went great- be proud of me guys!
Anyway this little post is kinda cross fashion & beauty i guess as theres cheeky selfie picture of me at the top TOTALLY unlike me so definately being brave here. But i thought that my makeup looked quite nice and super natural to compliment my laidback uni look for the day!
I know that the images arent the greatest with me taking them on my phone but my camera ran out of battery & i really liked my outfit (sob)
However onto the outfit, this top is one of the little buys i purchased in Paris from Zara, i know not exactly adventurous but i fell in love. Its one of the softest garments i have such a nice cut and shape it hides a multitude of sins! Perfect for me having a major fat time at the moment. I teamed it with leggings and converse, i know i put unknown for where they are from thats because they were a birthday present last year but you can buy converse in any shoe retailer basically & i expect they were from either Schuh or Office! Ive actually hardly worn these converse since ive had them i wasnt to sure on them but i definately have found a new found love, they are SO comfortable but not exactly the warmest for these super chilly days! This is one of my favourite looks at the moment and perfect for long uni days, obviously you can make this smarter with a pair of trousers or some dark wash jeans as its such a versatile piece and ive had a few checked shirts in my time.

What do you think of the checked shirt look?
Do you have them?
Let me know!

Lots of Love,