Thursday, 20 December 2012

Winter Wishlist.

Beautysets - Winter Wishlist
So with Winter slowly ending (sob) i thought i would take the oppurtunity on my ONLY day off before christmas now to create a wishlist of garments i wish to purchase with the large sum of money i will so gratefully be recieving from work over the next few weeks before i return to uni.
Looking over some over my favourite stores websites i found some of the most beautiful garments at a relatively high price for some, I've come to the decision i actually deserve to treat myself after my money has only gone on everyone else recently! (cheeky i know)
Currently debating a diet after christmas to make myself feel better for my boyfriends cousin wedding in January a new outfit is most definately on the agenda with this absolutely gorgeous Peplum Blouse from MissGuided at the amazingly reasonable price of 16.99 i may even purchase after this post! I think teaming it with these amazing Jaquard Capri Pants, a print i absolutely adore at the moment and Pointed Stud Heel both from Zara is quickly becoming an outfit must have for me!
However before this we have the wonder that is christmas which im quickly getting super excited for after meeting my gorgeous girls the other day and giving them there prezzies i think this Aztec Velvet Skater Dress is going to be my Christmas wear this year as unfortunately for me i have to work on NYE no LBD for me this year (crys) teaming all these outfits with a staple blazer and bright lipgloss is definately on the cards, im getting excited thinking about it!

Whats on your Winter Wishlist? Are you loving the Jaquard Print as much as me?

Also a huge thanks to my girl Erin over at the411offashion for introducing me to the wonder that is "beautysets" which has created my blogpost today!

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Isobel said...

those trousers are GORGEOUS! thanks for my comment lovely xxx