Monday, 17 December 2012

How Ive Missed Blogging.

Bonjour Beautiful Ladies (And Gents!)

So I have been totally off the radar for what is about 3 months now?! How awful is that, im so dissapointed in myself, but how good is it to be back into the blogging scene!
I Promise to be posting way more regularly now with some fab fashion and lifestyle posts as now due to university i figured its time to get out there, right? So i now have another twitter which is my "proffesional twitter" which is @BelleGlamourBlog so please please get following!
Ive been doing so much recently with uni and working i feel completely lost with all of this again so i think its time for a revamp and some amazing buys that are out there at the moment along with some of my favourite fashions/trends and my own style to share with you all!
please all keep following things can only get better! and send me all the links for your blogs as i absolutely love reading them all!

Lots of Love,


1 comment:

Nicolle Shelton said...

This happened to me too, I jumped back into it and i'm too addicted now!
Lovely blog, i've followed you on here as well as twitter!

Nicolle x