Saturday, 22 September 2012

Still Here!

Evening everyone!
Just a quick post to apoligise for my complete disappearance from the blog scene just recently, ive been super busy doing what some would say "comfort buying" since as you know my babe has gone from my last post & had lots of shopping trips, uni plans, crying & eating in the last few weeks! but as i start uni on monday- eek, i will be sure to post something much more intesting in the evening to tell you all about my first day!
Scared is an absolute understatement, im also in the process of planning how to decorate my room so something else to tell you all about soon so any tips are much appreciated for some cute websites and accessories!
Lots of Love to you all!


Friday, 7 September 2012

Ladies that Lunch.


Hiya lovely ladies/gents!
So the other day i went out for lunch with my two favouritist college girls for the very last time (sob) over the last couple of years we have had several lunch dates and talked aboutabsolutely everything together but now with uni creeping up waaaay to quickly now my girls are actually leaving me now to move up north for uni whilst i stay down south. My girl Erin in the middle picture also blogs so check out her blog as its totally fab and has been doing it for much longer than me recently reaching her milestone of 200 followers! (
Both heading off to do fashion realated courses (Fashion Buying and Shoe Design) i cant even explain how much im going to miss them so usually we go for a afternoon tea or sandwich however this time we attempted a Man V Food still challenge of the 50s diner in port solent for some supersize burgers and shakes which definately beat my daily calorie intake for well over a year i swear however i thought i would dedicate this post to how much they mean to me and have definately made some lifelong friends in them and love them more than anything being there for me through some really tough times especially in some of our projects! But i wish them the most luck in the world as i know they will do absolutely amazing so watch this space fellow bloggers as there are gonna be some new shoe designers & fashion buyers in town!

Im off to work again soon, waah so bye for now you gorgeous people! Keep smiling and have a lovely weekend,
Lots of Love


Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Maximise Yourself.

Hola everyone! Im back again, with another fashion post! eeek! i get so nervous writing fashion posts but like the title says, "maximise yourself" hence the maxi skirt and putting myself out there with pictures of my outfits! not the most flattering of images however im a fashion lover not a photography lover!
So today i went out for lunch with my grandparents to get myself a gift for doing well at college which i chose upon a pandora charm which im sure to be show you all at some point! However i chose to wear this, as it was a nice day but not quite shorts and little tops so i decided on a more grunge look with this new maxi i purchased not to long ago and a white boobtube, i am actually slightly in love with this outfit, i had been umm-ing and ahh-ing over a maxi skirt for a long time however i eventually found a chiffon style one as opposed to a heavy jersey i had found in other shops and being a nice height of 5ft 1..shortie, it suits me much better! i added this studded belt from primark i recently purchased making it a waistbelt and burgundy pumps for extra comfort as although i am one for pain is beauty, when your on a serious shopping spree sometimes pain just isnt appropriate!
anyway, im off to plan my next outfit now for a lunch date with my favourite girls tomorrow before they move away to uni in a few weeks time! so be sure to here more from me very soon!

also thankyou to my new followers, i may only be on 8 at the moment but you have no idea how much it means to me! love you all!

Lots of Love,