Wednesday, 15 August 2012

When it all gets to much.

So, Winnie the Pooh may be very childish but i think that this quote can often relate to many a person. I thought maybe I would do a post about something very close to my heart, (this is definately the point in which i hope nobody i fully know is reading this). Im not one to want attention, or want to write a book but whilst i have very few followers i may aswell get it off my chest. From the age of like 15 now I've had depression..ew weird even writing it but i wanted to share this photo with you as up until recently day-to-day life has been a huge struggle but after reading various inspirational books and quotes and getting over things that have happened in the past quotes like this have actually made things so so much easier, and personally im super proud of things i have achieved through actually starting to believe in myself although confidence is still a huge issue in my life and knowing that there are a million other people out there with it as well i want any followers i do have to know you can talk to me if you wish! I'd love to meet somebody else sharing the same things i do, im not gonna list symptoms or anything like that anyone who has it knows anyone who doesnt knows but remeber, that you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you believe!

mays well tell you all abit about me before i get properly used to the blogging life as blogging seems like such a relief when you write a post and sharing my thoughts with everyone. Next time will be a brighter post i promise!

Lots of Love,

Belle Amour


Amy Jackson said...

Hey, I see you're a fellow new blogger. :) Just wanted to tell you that I too have suffered from depression. Infact, I have attempted suicide more times than I care to remember. I really appreciate that you're trying to raise awareness and share your experience with others, and show them that it CAN get better!

You seem a little uncomfortable outletting this, but please don't change your blogging style because people really appreciate someone who is honest and open as you seem.

Great job. :)

Rebecca said...

thankyou so much! thats so lovely of you to say, yeah im definately not particularly open about it, that means so much! i hope your ok now? or getting better at least, yeah i am im actually well nervous about blogging but will definately take a look at your blog! thankyou again :)

Amy Jackson said...

No problem at all. :)
I'm fine now, I live a happy life with wonderful people and deal with sadness by blogging and talking.
I was nervous too about blogging! I did my first post then went to another persons and was like...crap, mine doesn't even compare. But just remember this is YOUR little space to write whatever YOU want. :)

Rebecca said...

Yeah I was really like that looking at other peoples blogs thinking that theirs are so much better than mine! I just wanna get more followers and meet people with the same interests etc as me! Yeah definitely wouldn't be here without the people behind me! What's your blog link so I can follow you back? Xxx

Amy Jackson said...

It'll happen, just don't give up! :)
+ Thankyou,mine's
:) xxx