Friday, 17 August 2012

Time for Tea.

bonjour fellow bloggers, how are you all today?
just thought id do a quick blog about my afternoon tea today, something i have a huge amount of love for and have wanted to do for ages which they do in an adorable little vintage cafe not to far away from me! finger sandwiches, scones & cake, what more could you want right? as well as one of my best friends! it was delish however super hot today so i opted for a maxi skirt and vest with a belt to sinch in my waist as it was so hot however i was still boiling! definately loving my maxi skirt i recently purchased for £12.99- fab if you ask me:)
what are your "summer" wardrobe faves? summer being the oprotive word as we arent one for summer!

Lots of Love
Becky xxxx


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Hola Bambi said...

Love this , I've never been to afternoon tea , but sooo want to!! Xx