Thursday, 30 August 2012

Peace and Love.

Bonjour everybody, so its been slightly longer than anticipated for my latest blog post which kind of makes me think i could have slipped off the new blogger radar? hmm, i hope not! anyway as you know i had a lovely 4 days of working planned ahead of me last time i blogged however whilst at my second shift of the week i was abruptly taken home from work to the worst place i could have imagined-the vets, 9:25 in the evening to see my gorgeous boy laying on the vet bed scared out of his mind and freezing cold to be told the worst, he wasnt gonna make it. As you may of noticed he was in my last post because the day before we took him to bournemouth for the day, but unfortunately it all came on to sudden- just think of the end of marley and me and your get the jist. so currently suffering from heartbreak sitting writing this at my mums work because i cant bring myself to be at home on my own.. very very sad times right now. however i have unfortunately opted for comfort spending- ut oh! which has lead me to my very first fashion post!
Eeek, i suppose i should try and make it a good one? not that i dont try anyway! so as A/W 12 is very rapidly approaching and being my favourite season by far i bought this super gorge shirt from New Look and trilby from H&M, teaming it with last years burgundy jeans from Topshop & my recent peace necklace from Urban Outfitters i actually fell in love with this outfit making me all the more excited for my next shopping trip tuesday which im sure to tell you all about then!
Anyway, I will be back soon with hopefully more fashion posts if people like this one!
Hope you all had a lovely bank holiday,
Lots of Love



Kerry said...

So sorry about your dog.. as an owner of 2 cats I can just imagine how heartbreaking it is. Shopping is definitely good to cheer you up and you got some nice bits!
The print on the top is so cute and I love the necklace :) xx

Becky Turnbull said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your dog. I feel your pain. But i'm sure he had a really lovely life with you and he even got to go to Bournemouth beach before he went :).

Love Becky xxx
p.s I love your outfit!

ErinAllen said...

Looking Gorgeous my dear friend! Your new hair looks lovely by the way xx

Rebecca said...

thankyou so much girls! your comments mean so much to me :) yeah he did have a good life, just horrible now hes not here :( but thankyou for all your lovely comments!

love becky xxxx