Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Lets go fly a kite.

bonjour lovelies, thought id leave a quick blog as for the next 4 days straight im working split shifts- 32 hours, i know i feel sick thinking about it! but with uni luring i guess the money is most definately worth it! well maybe a shopping trip is actually in need instead? hmm decisions! anyway today i spent the day with my dad, something that definately doesnt happen very often so when bournemouth was decided i was definately looking forward to the day! the weather wasnt quite as hot as it has been the previous days but beach, family and icecream definately makes up for it dont you think?
as the weather wasnt quite as great i decided upon my ultimate wardrobe staple of my jeans, something my life depends on and in mutiple colours suits me all year round along with a selection of tops as layering is key right?!
anyway im going to prepare for my week ahead now, have a lovely bank holiday weekend and il have more tales to tell very soon!

Lots of Love,


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