Monday, 13 August 2012

Baking and Birthdays.

Today was my boyfriends 21st birthday, the time you properly can do anything such as gambling in America and things like that (to be fair im not sure what else you can do at 21 that you cant at 18!) So as the lovely girlfriend i am (haha) i decided to bake him a birthday cake as well as going through all the stress of finding him a birthday present that was most definately one of the hardest choices ever to make, i mean your only 21 once right? so i decided on a laptop, which turns out he loves yay!
anyway i know this may not be the most interesting post, i couldnt decide upon a fashion post of not, as a hopeful fashion designer soon to be studying at winchester really my blog should be about fashion shouldnt it? but as most i have found people take pictures of their daily outfits i think it may take a while before im ready to take pictures of myself everyday as a super un-confident and insecure person like myself im slightly to scared to do that with the constant worry of being judged. Hopefully before then i will be able to possibly think of another way to talk about my style, influences and favourites in the fashion industry! however as my blog grows you will notice that i am a huge lover of cupcakes and baking, so be sure to find plenty of posts on that in the future!
Anyway enough for now, il be back soon!

Lots of Love,

Belle Amour xxx


Elysa said...

looks wonderful i love baking

Rebecca said...

me to! but i love eating them just as much! not always a good idea for the figure and everything! xx

Kerry said...

mmmmmm, that looks delicious! bake me one? xxx